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Weinmann are a leading German manufacturer of homecare products such as CPAP, APAP and BiPAP machines and masks. Having bene involved with CPAP design, development and manufacturing since the invention of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, Weinmann Medical Technology boasts a wide range of quality therapy products.

In true German manufacturing spirit, Weinmann homecare and diagnostics products are of the highest quality compnents and tested rigurously to ensure patient safety and product durability. They may not always be the cheapest option available but you can rest assured their products will be up to the responsible task of making sure you keep breathing throughout the night.

Where some CPAP manufacturers opt to build all-in-one solutions, risking making patients pay for bells and whistles they may not need, Weinmann offers a larger range of therapy solutions with each individual unit specifically designed perform its designated task as best as possible. This approach results in a range consisting of around 10 PAP machines including fixed pressure CPAP and auto titrating APAP units, all names SOMNO-something.

With their wealth of experience and years of patient feedback, their range of masks are among the most popular available in the German market. Weinmann's Joyce nasal interfaces comes in the usual shapes and sizes, including full face masks.

To find out more about Weinmann's CPAP products and accessories, visit their website where you can download their full product catalogue in PDF format.
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