6ft Fleece Tube Wrap White

Currently only available in white, the 6ft Fleece Tube Wrap makes the hose a lot more comfy to touch and insulates the tube against both sound and temperature difference, helping to fight condensation and rain-out.

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Less Condensation

Our CPAP Tube Wraps offer you a solution to condensation and rain-out. Made from quality fleece, these hose wraps insulate the air between your CPAP or BiPAP machine and mask so there’s less chance to cool down to form condensation. Used by thousands of sleep apnoea patients on CPAP world-wide, it is a proven method to reduce this annoying side-effect.

The standard tube wrap fits an industry standard 6ft hose perfectly. With an elasticated band on one end and a press snap button on the other, it can be applied easily and secured in place to withstand the evening’s hose movements.

Less Noise

Together with the mask’s exhalation port, the CPAP’s tubing system is often the most contributing source of noise. The classic ribbed hose causes vibrations in the airflow which results in a constant hissing sound. Our tube wraps not only insulate warmth but also sound. By muffling the wind-like noise, you can expect less disruption of your and your partner’s sleep.

Hand-made in Britain

Ethically sourced and supporting the local economy you can literally rest assured about the origins of our tube wraps.

Colour Choices (Currently White)

Over time we hope to offer a number of colours suiting most people’s preferences though currently, all tube wraps in stock are plain white. White was the most popular choice because customers said it would match their bedroom style best.

Order Your Tube Wrap Today!

Don’t put up with condensation and rain-out. Bring an end to it with a fleece tube wrap and enjoy your sleep again.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm
CE Certified

No (handmade by a sole trader)



Latex Free


Made In

Great Britain

18 reviews for 6ft Fleece Tube Wrap White


    Great product, but very fiddly to fit.. Great product – it works well. BUT, ever so difficult to fit to the tube. For a stroke patient such as myself, an absolute nightmare. I would love to see a video of how it is supposed to be done quickly, because I can’t figure it out! Maybe a different design would work better.

    INTUS COMMENT – We’re glad you like the product! We recommend cutting the corner off of a carrier bag, and putting that over the rubber end of the tube. The fleece will then slide on easily. We will look to add this tip to the packaging to make it easier. Thank you for your feedback!

    Steve J

    Worked for me. Cured the condensation in the tube for me


    Fleece Cover. A bit fidly to fit. Still got rained out, but in high ambient humidity. I have opted for the heated tube which works much better.


    No more rainout. Suffered for years with rainout but no more wish had known about this before. Fast delivery value for money.


    No more cold hose. Found it a bit awkward to put on, but it does the trick and if you move in the night the hose isn’t cold against your skin. Thought it a bit expensive for what it is,

    Les T

    Work’s well. No more rain out


    Wish I’d bought one years ago. This product is great it’s tricky to fit on a hose unless you cover the hose at one end with clingfilm or a bit of plastic bag as the rubber won’t easily thread through the fleece

    I’ve suffered rain out for years as I like lots of fresh air in my bedroom and I don’t have a humidifier attached or a heater used it for a week now and no rain in the mask

    Also another bonus the tube no longer scrapes and clangs on the headboard making it quieter as well. Only draw back is it’s white but it’s not the end of the world


    Excellent does what it says. Hose cover makes big difference. Less noise less rain and easy to fit.


    Adds benefits. Small plastic bag secured with elastic band over rubber hose connector and fitted simply and quickly.

    Minimises rain-outs and provides enough friction so that the tubes weight no longer pulls at the mask whilst still allowing sleeping movement without ‘tugging’ .

    A worthwhile addition to CPAP users’ comfort.


    Snug. A little fiddly to fit but I’ve not been “rained” on since I put it on so well worth the effort.


    Simple but effective. Simple to fit (especially after reading the other reviews). I just wrapped the small end of my heated hose in the plastic bag the fleece came in and it went on easily. Very comfortable to use, no annoying condensation and surprisingly makes the machine much quieter. In fact I hardly notice the hose anymore.


    Great device – reduced the noice of the CPAP markedly. Doesn’t bother me too much, but this strange little tube thing reduced the noise of the machine noticably and is allowing my wife to sleep better. Bizarre but it works. Recommended purchase


    Does the job. Moist Air In Tube + Cold Air Outside Tube = Condensation In Tube…… FACT. Add this product; change that fact.

    Requires a little patience when fitting, but it does go over the hose well.

    It may be worthy to note that one end of the hose has a press-stud on it, and can open. If I noticed this at the beginning, my experience with fitting may have been easier still. Since there are no instructions with this product, I did not notice. It would have been nice to have a slip of paper to indicate that each end is different.; especially since the end with the press-stud was on the inside of the reeled-up tubing cover… 😉

    Having said that, its now fitted, and I have had no problems with condensation – and I sleep in a cold room with no heating (just the way I like it). I also use a humidifier, set at 60%.

    Well worth the tenner.


    Good quality fleece. The fleece is good quality and it certainly seems to be stopping rain-out now I have a humidifier as well. It also stops damage to the tube if it is caught down the side of the bed, and increases comfort of the tube in the bed itself.

    I am using an NHS supplied ResMed machine and the wrap was *extremely* hard to get over the rubberised tube ends. This would have stopped me buying it had I known, and when this one wears out I will buy the ResMed tube wrap available from them with microfibre insulation and a zip along the full length designed for my tubing.


    Cosy Fleece. Arrived within 2 days of ordering – thank you!

    It was a bit of a struggle feeding the hose through the tube wrap, but I put a bit of cling film over the rubber grommit and it slid through much easier.

    I’ve only given it a little test run, and it does seem a little quieter, but as the other reviewer said, it does look much better.

    It will be much cosier to hold to, as I seem to land up cuddling the hose in the night. I wish I’d bought one earlier.


    Fantastic difference. Fantastic difference!! I was hoping for reduced condensation and the Tube Wrap certainly delivers that – also it quietens the air flow. Probably best of all – the hose now behaves in a seemly manner, stays where it’s put, stays out of my way and stays on top of the duvet. The Tube is difficult to fit – nothing care and patience won’t overcome – to the extent that I don’t want to remove it. I’ve ordered a second Wrap and they will be washed and dried along with the hoses. Colour choice is on its way, apparently – but, hey! I’m asleep when using the Wrap.


    Tubing no longer slides all over the place. I’m not sure if it has made the hose quieter, but the tubing no longer slides all over the place which is great. It grips the bed sheets allowing me to position the tube how I like it. Also it just looks nicer. An essential purchase.

    Joe McManus

    Recommended!. The tube wrap did three things for me. As expected: reduced condensation (not gone entirely but more manageable) and reduced noise. As a bonus: the hose now doesn’t slide off the side of the bed anymore so the whole contraption stays in place even better. The sleeve also makes for a nice change form the dull grey tubing that seems to come with CPAP machines as standard. With the tube wrap, the hose is a lot nicer to the touch as well. Recommended!

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