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CPAP Mask Comfort

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  • RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners

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    If you experience discomfort, red marks or air leaks with your CPAP mask, consider these RemZzzs Mask Liners. A soft cotton fabric liner creates a barrier, absorbs skin oils and reduces air leaks as well as skin irritation and pressure marks. Try a sample pack for just £6.99.

    Please scroll down to the compatibility table below to find which size you need for your mask.

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  • LiquiCell Nasal CPAP Mask Liners

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    This product has been discontinued by Philips and is no longer available to purchase. Please instead consider RemZzzs Mask Liners. This page is provided for reference only.

    A pack of 30 soft and comfortable liquid cells that help reduce skin irritation. When applied across the nasal bridge area, LiquiCell helps to reduce skin irritation that may sometimes occur when using positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy. Learn More

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  • Feather Weight 1.5' Tube

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    Take the weight off of you CPAP therapy with the Feather Weight Tube from Circadiance. Weighing just 40g, this short extension sits between the mask and your regular tubing to reduce the weight on your mask, meaning less tugging and fewer leaks.

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  • Inline Outlet Bacteria Filter for CPAP (10 pack)

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    If you suffer from allergies while using CPAP, then the Inline Outlet Bacteria Filter could be the solution. This ten pack can provide months of additional protection from allergens and bacteria.

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