Online Sleep Apnoea Screening Test

To bridge the gap between those scratching their head, thinking "I'm not sleeping well, what's wrong with me?" and those booking in their sleep lab visit, there is now a website which can help you determine whether or not it is indeed sleep apnoea you are suffering from.

Take the Online Sleep Apnoea Screening Test!

From frequenting the various online sleep apnoea forums I've come to understand that one of the most frequently asked questions is about whether such and such symptoms mean this person has a sleep disorder and whether it's sleep apnoea.

Until today, there was no convenient way to get a quick answer.

On you  can now complete 3 straight-forward sets of questions which will help determine whether it's sleep apnoea or not, that's been bugging you (or your friend/colleague/family member).

The screening test combines world-renowned surveys such as the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and the Berlin Questionnaire as well as a general health section. Combined they will offer you a giant step in the right direction. You can print out the results so you can discuss them with your doctor (they usually present you with the Epworth test themselves so this may save a few minutes of their precious time).

Awareness and diagnosis are currently major problems in the world of sleep disorders and for sleep apnoea, this is no different. The Sleep Tests website aims to bring the undiagnosed and unaware a step closer to living a fulfilling life again.

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