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Somnibel Positional Sleep Therapy Trainer is a simple, comfortable solution for snoring and Positional Sleep Apnoea.

The compact and non-invasive device improves breathing during sleep by gently vibrating when you turn to sleep on your back. The device ensures you sleep on your side to keep your airway open.

The small device is a clinically proven CPAP therapy alternative treatment option.

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Somnibel Positional Therapy for Snoring and Apnoea

The Somnibel Positional Sleep Therapy Trainer provides a simple, comfortable solution for Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (POSA) and snoring. Those with POSA will only have an apnoea episode when they are not sleeping on their side. This is due to gravity pulling down the throat tissue and tongue when sleeping in the supine (back) position, causing an airway obstruction.

Somnibel is a tiny device worn on the forehead. It vibrates when you’re facing upwards, gently encouraging you to sleep on your side. This technique ensures you remain sleeping on your side, keeping your airway open so you can sleep comfortably.

Positional Therapy is a clinically proven alternative to CPAP therapy, with studies showing it can obtain similar results in patients with position-dependent Sleep Apnoea.

Why choose the Somnibel?

Stops Snoring: It helps reduce or eliminate snoring, making it quieter and more comfortable for you and your sleeping partner.

Treats POSA: If you have Positional Sleep Apnoea, Somnibel gently reminds you to change your sleeping position, reducing the number of apnoea episodes.

Improves Breathing: By keeping you off your back, it helps maintain an open airway, making it easier to breathe, reducing interruptions in your sleep, and improving sleep quality.

Compact and Comfortable: Somnibel is small and comfortable to wear, and it doesn’t interfere with your sleep like bulky devices can.

Non-Invasive: Unlike some other treatments, Somnibel is non-invasive and doesn’t require masks or tubes.

Easy to Use: It’s user-friendly and doesn’t involve complicated setup or maintenance.

To view how the device works, please see the guidance video in the image gallery.

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Anti-snoring and Positional Sleep Apnoea Treatment

The Somnibel can be purchased to stop snoring or treat Positional Sleep Apnoea.

If you are purchasing to treat Sleep Apnoea as a current or alternative to your current prescribed treatment, then please discuss positional therapy with your consultant to ensure it is a suitable option for you. All orders are fulfilled on the understanding that this treatment has been approved for your use.

If you are purchasing it for snoring, then we would also recommend seeking confirmation of suitability.

Experience the benefit within 30 days, or your money back

Somnibel is an effective, clinically proven positional therapy device. Such is our confidence in it providing effective treatment. We will provide a full refund if you find it is not providing the level of effectiveness you expect. Simply return the device to us within the 30-day period, complete with all packaging in the condition in which it was received, and we will refund the full purchase price. Please note that postage costs cannot be refunded, and we reserve the right to reduce or refuse a refund for incomplete or damaged items returned or any received outside the 30-day period.

So, if you are considering giving Somnibel a try – go for it; there is nothing to lose if it proves unsuitable. However, we are confident you will join the thousands of people benefiting from this simple, unobtrusive and effective method of treatment.

If you are unsure, simply contact us, and we will be happy to advise.

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