Another Doctor Blogging About OSA & CPAP

Last updated on April 28th, 2023 at 04:21 pm

Sleep Apnea is a complex disorder and even though I think I understand it all pretty well, there’s nothing like hearing about it from a real doctor (which I’m not). For that reason, I read Michael Rack’s blog, Steven Poceta’s site and Michael Breus’ blog on WebMD. They kow what they are talking about as they have studied these topics for years.

I found another doctor entering the sleep apnea blogosphere today. Dr. Jonathan Greenburg’s Sleep Apnea and Snoring blog is off to a promising start with plenty of useful info in terms we can all understand. Dr. Greenburg has a dentistry background and runs a clinic for sleep apnea patients in California. He recognizes CPAP as the number one form of treatment but also realizes that for some patients, oral solutions may be a good choice too. By offering both solutions he can cater for the entire spectrum of patients.

On his blog you can read why baby boomers are at risk and a guide to sleep apnea with suitable solutions for this disorder.

This blog is a good candidate to be added to the blogroll here, it’s in my feedreader alongside a dozen others I’ll discuss later. Let’s keep an eye on it!