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The Zeez Sleep Pebble; designed to improve your sleep

For those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you might be interested in the new Zeez device. Programmed to replicate "brainwave pulses" of a good sleeper, it is a device that aims to aid a better nights sleep.

Zeez Sleep Pebble Zeez Sleep Pebble by Zeez Technology

If you frequently suffer from poor sleep, then you might be interested in the latest Zeez Sleep Pebble by Zeez Technology. It is a new device with around three years of testing and roughly 250 trials behind it and so far it has made a positive impression on 79% of poor sleepers. The pebble works by replicating "brainwave pulses" of a good sleeper, in order to calm your mind and reinforce natural brain patterns aiding you to sleep well.

As the device is programmed to balance your sleep cycle, it is suggested to be particularly useful for sleep apnoea sufferers. Sleep apnoea sufferers have a heavily disrupted sleep cycle throughout the night, so the Zeez can be used in correlation with a CPAP machine to help improve the quality of your sleep.

Watch testimonials from Zeez users here.

Important Disclaimer: cpap.co.uk is run by Intus Healthcare and is designed to bring you the latest news about CPAP machines, CPAP masks and CPAP accessories for sleep apnoea sufferers. Intus Healthcare do not sell the Zeez Sleep Pebble, however initial testing and feedback has shown that the device could have notable benefits for OSA sufferers. We are therefore informing you about this product so that you can research the device for yourself and make your own informed decision prior to purchase. We must stress that this is a very new product and therefore make no claims to how effective it may be, and can bear no responsibility in the event of any negative consequences of use.



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