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The Zeez Sleep Pebble; designed to improve your sleep

For those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you might be interested in the new Zeez device. Programmed to replicate "brainwave pulses" of a good sleeper, it is a device that aims to aid a better nights sleep.

Zeez Sleep Pebble Zeez Sleep Pebble by Zeez Technology

If you frequently suffer from poor sleep, then you might be interested in the latest Zeez Sleep Pebble by Zeez Technology. It is a new device with around three years of testing and roughly 250 trials behind it and so far it has made a positive impression on 79% of poor sleepers. The pebble works by replicating "brainwave pulses" of a good sleeper, in order to calm your mind and reinforce natural brain patterns aiding you to sleep well.

As the device is programmed to balance your sleep cycle, it is suggested to be particularly useful for sleep apnoea sufferers. Sleep apnoea sufferers have a heavily disrupted sleep cycle throughout the night, so the Zeez can be used in correlation with a CPAP machine to help improve the quality of your sleep.

Watch testimonials from Zeez users here.

Important Disclaimer: cpap.co.uk is run by Intus Healthcare and is designed to bring you the latest news about CPAP machines, CPAP masks and CPAP accessories for sleep apnoea sufferers. Intus Healthcare do not sell the Zeez Sleep Pebble, however initial testing and feedback has shown that the device could have notable benefits for OSA sufferers. We are therefore informing you about this product so that you can research the device for yourself and make your own informed decision prior to purchase. We must stress that this is a very new product and therefore make no claims to how effective it may be, and can bear no responsibility in the event of any negative consequences of use.



Author: Helen Clarkson

About author: Helen Clarkson is a Sleep Specialist at Baywater Healthcare. Ms. Clarkson has worked with Baywater since 2008, working closely with patients in delivering sleep/bi-level services including sleep and respiratory, both in the home and clinic setting. This includes therapy initiation and troubleshooting support. Ms. Clarkson is responsible for delivering the Baywater Healthcare patient adherence management programme to ensure continuing patient therapy compliance. works in conjunction with NHS clinicians and procurement to deliver excellence in home and clinic-based services. She provides training on all aspects of sleep including devices and interfaces. Previously, Ms. Clarkson served as Respiratory Physiologist at Pontefract General Infirmary. Her position was Senior MTO for lung function/sleep department, and she was responsible for performing simple and complex sleep studies, sleep study analysis, CPAP initiation, therapy adherence and troubleshooting/service clinics, spirometry, lung volumes and transfer factor, reversibility, CPET, hyperventilation testing, EIA testing, skin prick testing, 6 min walk tests. She has also held roles as Respiratory Physiologist and Respiratory Technician, working closely with patients with respiratory disorders -- including ex-miners. Ms. Clarkson has a BSc (Honors) in Applied biology from University of Staffordshire. She also studied Developments in Sleep Medicine (advanced course) at St. Thomas’ Hospital, and took the Edinburgh Sleep Medicine course. She completed the BSS: Advanced sleep course and the ARTP NIV Course.

2 thoughts on “The Zeez Sleep Pebble; designed to improve your sleep”

  • Stanmed24

    Interesting, I wonder if it really works.

  • Jennifer

    I have had chronic insomnia for over five years. I was unable to stay asleep for long and would get four hours of poor shallow sleep a night. A six week sleep deprivation programme (where I was only allowed to sleep between midnight and 6am) did not alter this pattern of sleeping.

    About six weeks ago I purchased a sleep pebble.

    It did not immediately help me to sleep better but, after a day or two I was aware of a slight improvement so I stuck with it. After a fortnight I was able to go back to sleep after waking; after a month I was aware that my sleep was deeper and I was not waking up so often. Instead of four hours of broken sleep I was getting six or seven hours of good unbroken sleep.

    The sleep pebble is a marvellous device. I am thrilled with the way it has made life so much easier for me.

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