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Benefits of the ResMed AirFit 30 CPAP Masks

The good news is that many CPAP units have taken on a decidedly ergonomic edge.

ResMed AirFit 30 CPAP Mask ResMed AirFit 30 CPAP Mask

They are extremely
comfortable and still capable of providing you with the positive airway pressure required to obtain a restful night of sleep.

This brings us to the next main point. What are some of the features associated with the RedMed AirFit 30 CPAP masks and why could
it represent an excellent option?

When Comfort is King

One of the reasons why some individuals who suffer from OSA are hesitant to receive treatment arises from the fact that many CPAP machines can be slightly uncomfortable. This is particularly the case for those who may have been recently diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea. Still, the use of a CPAP is extremely important of you hope to alleviate the associated symptoms.

The designers of the AirFit 30 series have taken ergonomics into account. In fact, there are three different variants to choose from:

  • The AirFit 30
  • The AirFit N30i
  • The AirFit P30i

The AirFit F30 has been engineered to offer the support of a full face mask. Thus, it will remain firmly in place during the overnight hours.

One interesting feature associated with this model is that it fits snugly beneath the nose. This signifies that you will not experience any redness or irritation on the bridge of your nose upon waking. The clips are magnetic and so they can be easily removed when needed. The straps of the masks will not obstruct your vision, so problems with reading or watching television have been eliminated.

Finally, a unique venting system allows you to remain close to your partner without causing any type of mutual discomfort.

The AirFit N30i series has been engineered with a unique cradle that rests comfortably beneath your nose.
A built-in cushioning system offers superior levels of comfort while a SpringFit frame can be manually adjusted to suit the dimensions of your head.

Another interesting feature of the N30i series is that an overhead strap makes it much easier to sleep in various positions. This is beneficial if you happen to toss and turn during the overnight hours. The chances of unconsciously removing the mask are also lessened thanks to such a configuration.

Finally, the AirFit P30i is a great option if other variants have placed a great deal of pressure upon your nose.
The presence of nasal pillows alongside a tube-up configuration enables you to obtain a sound night of sleep in any position.

Much like the N30i, its proprietary SpringFit frame can be adjusted within seconds.
A ventilation system employing QuietAir technology reduces the drafts and noises associated with more generic CPAP options.
This is often a concern for those who are extremely sensitive to sound when falling sleep.
We should also mention that the P30i series will create a firm seal around your nose; enabling you to achieve the maximum level of airflow.

All of these models are likewise known for what can only be called a minimalist design. This is a welcome departure from the rather bulky appearances associated with some other designs currently o the market. If you are less than satisfied with your current CPAP mask or should you require a greater degree of comfort, the AirFit 30 series by ResMed is a great option to consider.

Obtaining Treatment Sooner as Opposed to Later

It is somewhat ironic that many individuals who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea are unaware they have it. This is why obtaining an expert diagnosis is critical if you hope to avert potentially serious health consequences in the future.

Performing an at-home sleep test is an important first step towards diagnosing any problems that may be present. You will be happy to learn that these tests are able to provide accurate results in no time at all. You can then consult with a sleep specialist in order to examine your options as well as to obtain the most appropriate CPAP machine for your unique personal requirements.

To order ResMed masks: https://www.cpap.co.uk/shop/cpap-masks/full-face-masks.html

Author: Jenny Hall

About author: Jenny Hall is a clinical manager at Baywater Healthcare. She has extensive specialist clinical experience from Regional Nurse Adviser through to Senior Nurse Adviser, Service Lead and Contract Manager. She has provided leadership for the Regional Nurse Advisers ensuring best practice, implementation of National Guidance and Clinical Governance. Ms. Hall has worked with Baywater Healthcare since 2013, with leadership responsibility in delivering Home Oxygen and Long-Term Conditions services. Her clinical team focuses on delivering services closer to home which offer the NHS value with optimum clinical outcomes. Previously, Ms. Hall provided leadership to Regional Nurse Advisors with Air Products, a company providing home oxygen services to Wales, East Midlands and North London. She has served as a Senior COPD National Trainer and Nurse Adviser COPD Response with Innovex, ensuring highest competencies were maintained and best practices delivered. Ms. Hall has a Ba Honours Degree as a Registered General Nurse from Oxford Brookes University and MSc Health Studies from Staffordshire University. She completed Respiratory Education and Training Courses and the Edinburgh Sleep Course. Jenny Hall’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenny-hall-34331b60/

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