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  • Review: SleepStrip Sleep Apnoea Screening Device

    On the day which sees 'portable testing' recommended officially in the United States, I will share with you my experiences of one night using the SleepStrip. Not every sleep blogger (Michael Rack: "It's all over") thinks in-home testing is a good thing, but in a market where hundreds of thousands of undiagnosed and needlessly suffering people struggle to get started... Read More

  • CPAP Market Players: AEIOMed

    In a series of short blog posts linking to more information, I will be looking at who the global players are in CPAP land and how their presence in the UK is. First up is AEIOMed. With their innovative Everest range which feature a built-in battery they have entered the market with a decent technological advantage over its competitors. Starting... Read More

  • Travelling with CPAP

    As evident in the various CPAP forums around the globe, travelling with CPAP equipment is a hot topic, causing concern for many users. A little (black) box with wires and tubes does look a bit funny, especially in the wake of air travel related security alerts. The best way to avoid trouble is to discuss your needs with the airline... Read More

  • Interview With A Sleep Specialist

    A great little interview with a sleep specialist popped up in my inbox today.  North Jersey dot com journalist Betsy Querna sat down for 15 minutes with sleep specialist Beverly Kmetz to talk about sleep apnea. Read the first of four parts of "15 minutes with a sleep specialist" Snippet: How do I know if I have sleep apnea? Some... Read More

  • What to expect during your Sleep Lab experience

    Visiting a hospital's sleep clinic used to be a somewhat scary and mysterious event though in this information age the mystery surrounding what happens during a sleep lab test has been lifted by fellow bloggers from around the world. Here are a few typical snippets from sleep apnoea patients who have been there, done that. Follow the links to read... Read More

  • Sleep Apnoea Syndrome Increases Chance Of NAION

    As if just sleepiness, diatebes, heart problems and general brain-fog weren't enough, a study now reports sleep apnoea syndrome sufferers are at an increased risk of loss of vision compared to the general public. NAION is the abbreviation for Non-artheric Anteroir Ischemic Optic Neuropathy, which on its turn is a fancy way of saying loss of vision. Insufficient blood supply... Read More

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