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  • You can in fact die from Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    There's some interesting discussions on the various CPAP forums going on today related to a CNN news reporter who said that people dying from OSA is "Complete BullS***". The transcript of the show can be read here, the relevant part is about a fifth down: NANCY GRACE: They said that Johnny Grunge -- Mike Durham -- he wrestled under the... Read More

  • Which type of snorer are you?

    The BBC reports today that three quarters of Britons snore. The study, commissioned by Travelodge, found that Coventry is snoring capital of the nation, closely followed by Sheffield, Glasgow and Plymouth. Snorers reported feeling less 'sexy' in the bedroom, relationship problems and general embarrassment because of their snoring. You can read the full news article here. But before you go... Read More

  • OSA & Deadly Driving

    Together with the Transport Safety Group, Respironics UK published a website dedicated to raising awareness of the risks of driving whilst being chronically fatigued. Their OSA Online website links through to a BBC article which on its turn reveals even more scary news about deaths and injury caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. We bring you the bite... Read More

  • Undiagnosed Sleep Apnoea Sufferers

    The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence published a report regarding the current state of affairs in the UK regarding Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) for the treatment of Sleep Apnoea/ hypoapnoea Syndrome (OSAHS). In the document, they state the prevalence of OSAHS is approximately 4% in men aged 30-65 years and 2% in women of the same age... Read More

  • Hello and Welcome!

    Welcome to our new blog! This is the blog part of the cpap.co.uk website and as you can probably guess by the title, is all about CPAP treatment for those suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. As we are Brits we will refer to it as "apnoea" with the a instead of the US version "apnea". It's a bit empty here... Read More

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