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The CPAP Hose Lift holds your tubing over your head to prevent air leaks caused by pulling and tugging on the tubing when changing sleeping position. Using the hose lift allows you to sleep comfortably without worrying about getting tangled in your tubing and dislodging your mask.

This is the latest version, v5.5, with new and improved features. The V5.5 is 12% lighter, 16% more compact, and the base is 14% larger. The foldable hose lift can be used when travelling due to its compact and lightweight design.

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CPAP Hose Lift – Enhance Your Therapy

The Hose Life holds your CPAP tubing over your head, preventing tangling and tugging during sleep to increase user compliance. This is the latest v5.5 version from Arden Innovations, now 12% lighter, 16% more compact, and the base 14% larger. Suspending the tubing overhead allows you to sleep in your chosen position without worrying about knocking your mask seal and causing a leak. If you experience tangling in your hose regularly, the hose lift is ideal to solve this issue.

Easy to Assemble

Installation is quick and easy; you simply put the pieces together like the poles of a tent and fit the base between your mattress and bed frame. Run the hose through the elasticated hose suspension loop, and that’s it! The lightweight lift slips under any mattress system.

The Hose Lift works with a standard 6ft tube, but if you have your machine further away from your bed than a usual nightstand, a 10ft tube may be desirable.

Features & Benefits of the Hose Lift

  • Helps reduce tube condensation (rainout) in your tubing by holding it up.
  • Reduces air leaks and helps to stop waking up with a dry mouth.
  • The latest model features a hook to hang your mask from to keep your mask away from pets.
  • Designed with aluminium for a strong hold on your equipment
  • Reversible double bend mass so you can adjust the height and increase the reach.
  • 2.1 inches in diameter by 7 inches in length (5 d. x 18 cm) and just 230g.
  • Works especially well with modern masks with a 360 degrees swivel.

Travel Ready

The foldable and collapsable lift weights just 230g and can be gathered into an 8″x5″ carry bag for easy travel. It is the only hose management system that easily fits in a CPAP travel case, completing your travel checklist!


Additional information

Weight 245 g
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 cm
CE Certified




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Manufacturer's Warranty

12 Months