DreamStation Heated Tube

The compatible 15mm Heated Tube is for the Auto CPAP Machines.This tube is not compatible with the Dreamstation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine

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The Heated Tube by Philips Respironics is specially designed to maintain a consistent temperature and pressure throughout the process of the air leaving the humidifier and reaching the mask. It is designed for the DreamStation range by Philips Respironics only, and will not work with any other machines, including alternative models from Philips Respironics.

The purpose of the specially designed heated tubing is to prevent the build up of condensation, also referred to as rainout, whilst keeping the air travelling through the tube at a consistent temperature. The heated tubing can be set to five different temperature settings, with 0 being off and 5 being the warmest temperature setting. If you decide that you do not want the tube to heat but still want to use it as a standard connector tube, then the tube can be set to 0, which means that heat from the tube is disabled.

It is possible to directly connect the tubing to the DreamStation Auto & Pro CPAP machines, however, if the humidifier is not being used, then the hose will not heat so you might want to opt for a standard CPAP tube.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 cm
Fits Any CPAP Machine

DreamStation machines with heater humidifier only (not including Go models), No

CE Certified


Tubing Type




Latex Free


Manufacturer's Warranty

3 Months

Tube Connection Size


Tube Length

6ft / 183cm

Tube Ends


6 reviews for DreamStation Heated Tube


    Piontless not to. If your going to upgrade your machine for warm air then it would be pointless to not have a heated hose – so buy it and keep the air warm and the tube dry


    Great. Without the tube, I had water coming into my mouth at night, Now I have the Heated Tube, everything is sorted!

    Great product and worth the money!


    Rain Out Gone!. A quality item that gets rid of the wetness in the mask or tube. No more gurgling or rippling sounds and nice to have un-interupted sleep time. Excellent!


    Does the job well. This is a review for the humidifier and heated hose combined, which I bought at the same time, and it is hard to work out which does what. Overall, not exactly cheap, but does the job really well. I had issues with the Dreamstation in that the air being delivered to the mask was cold/cool, and so I was constatntly noticing it. The humidifier/hose mean that the air arriving in the mask now is ‘very comfortable’ and hardly noticeable. Result. And, with the hose being heated (you can just about feel it being warm to touch), the chances of condensation (hence nasties growing) in the hose is greatly reduced.


    Quality hose. This is the specific heated tubing for the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Humidifier. Works as intended and eliminated tube gurgling and rain out compared with using standard tubing. Philips accessories are not cheap but its made well and is of good quality.


    heated tube. Very nice heated tube

    Good quality

    Nice price

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