Somnofit Mandibular Advancement Device

The Somnofit Mandibular Advancement Device offers a proven alternative treatment to CPAP for snorers and mild OSA sufferers. The simple boil-and-bite method gives a customised fit that brings the lower jaw forward, creating better airflow and reducing the pressure that causes snoring and apnoeas. The Somnofit offers an affordable and less-invasive method of treatment.

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Somnofit MAD – a less invasive option for treating snoring and mild OSA

24% of the UK suffer from SAD or Winter BluesThe Somnofit Mandibular Advancement Device is a proven anti-snoring mandibular advancement device that offers and alternative to CPAP therapy for mild OSA sufferers. It is proven for treating snoring and can be useful for OSA, and works by moving the lower jaw forward and keeping it there while you sleep. By doing so, it opens up the throat to allow for greater airflow, and reduces the chances of the obstructions that lead to snoring and apnoeas.

Many clinical studies have shown that this method of treating snoring can be tremendously successful and has also been demonstrated to alleviate mild obstructive sleep apnoea.

24% of the UK suffer from SAD or Winter BluesThe Somnofit itself consists of two oral mouldings; one for the upper jaw and one for the lower. They are heated in water to soften the moulding material (thermoforming), and then bitten in to create an exact fitting for your teeth. It is as simple as that to get the custom fit you need for a comfortable and effective splint.

The two mouldings are connected by a supple strap to keep them aligned as they need to be, ensuring that the lower jaw cannot be pulled downwards be gravity, and will instead stay positioned forwards for optimal airflow. Within a few minutes of adjustment you have a personalised Somnofit, ready for you to use and reduce your snoring with.

Six such strap in varying lengths come supplied with the kit so you can gently titrate the lower jaw forward, to find the best and most comfortable length of advancement. By gently increasing this forward repositioning over a number of days or weeks, you can ease your jaw’s muscles into this new position.

Who can benefit from using a Somnofit?

The Somnofit is recommended for:

  1. Snoring
  2. Mild sleep apnoea (sleep study and ongoing medical supervision required)
  3. Mild-to-moderate sleep apnoea patients on the move, travelling, camping, boating, holidaying etc. who prefer a temporary alternative to their usual CPAP therapy (professional medical consultation required)
  4. Bruxism (grinding teeth), migraines due to jaw tensions

Somnofit is NOT suitable for people who:

  1. Wear full or partial dentures
  2. Have mandibular (lower jaw) pain
  3. Have loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease
  4. Have upper or lower jaws with fewer than 10 teeth
  5. Suffer from severe or central sleep apnoea
  6. Are under 18 years old

Who is it made by?

The Somnofit MAD is engineered and manufactured in Switzerland by an established healthcare company called Oscimed SA. In 2008 they were awarded the ISO 13485:2003 certificate for their outstanding quality management systems for the development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and other healthcare products. Oscimed puts utmost care into delivering quality products that conform to the latest medical standards.

The Somnofit is also available on Amazon.

Additional information

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 cm
CE Certified




3 reviews for Somnofit Mandibular Advancement Device


    Uncomfortable and unable to use. This device was very difficult to mold and took several attempts. Unfortunately it was extremely uncomfortable too.


    I need to give it more time!. I think it will be good once I get used to it. Have thrown it out in the middle of the night once or twice.

    It’s easy enough to assemble.


    hard to get use to. Its a big unit, for fitting in your mouth, it does work, but takes a long time to get use to and you do have to persevere with it, so quiet a few disturbed sleeps

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