System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier from Philips


With advanced humidity control and a world-class “Dry Box” design, adding a heated humidifier to your Philips Respironics System One REMstar 60 machine ensures comfort whilst virtually eliminating the risk of water ingress. The option of including a heated hose ensures that a System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier provides the best possible humidification for your therapy.


Please note: this humidifier is compatible with 60 Series machines only – it will not fit regular System One machines.

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Take your System One REMstar 60 CPAP therapy to the next level

The System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier is the ground breaking optional humidifier for the Philips Respironics REMstar 60 CPAP systems. To increase the portability and ease of use of these systems, they have made the humidifier a separate unit. The System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier features several pieces of breakthrough technology that makes it one of the most technologically advanced humidifiers on the market, and will turn your REMstar 60 into the complete CPAP solution.

The System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier features a revolutionary design for controlling rain-out and water damage. By analysing the ambient temperature and the user’s airflow, the System One 60 Humidity Control is able to reach relative humidity at the mask. It is the first humidifier that is able to take room humidity into account. It has sensors both inside and outside the machine to allow it to accurately measure changes in humidity, and prevent condensation from forming inside the tube.

Breakthrough technology is an industry leader

The Dry Box system featured in the System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier is another major advance in CPAP technology. It has an array of features designed to prevent water from leaving the chamber. These include a one-way valve between the machine and the humidifier. The water that manages to get past this valve is then caught in the Dry Box, which acts as a reservoir for escaped water. Additionally, the air outlet port has been repositioned onto the top of the humidifier rather than the side, to centre the delivery and minimise the total water displacement around the hole.

By combining your REMstar 60 CPAP System with the System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier, you will have the complete CPAP system. By combining the base unit’s intuitive control and C-Flex+ technology with the revolutionary rain-out and water damage preventative systems of the Heated Humidifier, you have a complete package that represents great value. You can couple the Heated Humidifier with either the System One REMstar 60 Pro CPAP System or the System One REMstar 60 Auto CPAP System.

Optional Heated Hose upgrade to prevent condensation

The System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier can optionally be paired with Philips’ Heated Hose. A common issue with humidifier use is condensation through the tube, as the humidifier air cools as it passes through. A heated hose keeps the humidified air at the same temperature as it leaves the humidifier itself, greatly reducing this condensation (often called “rainout”). If you already use a humidifier and experience this, then the heated hose option is worth considering. It can be purchased separately at a later date if unsure, though it is cheaper when bundled with the humidifier itself initially. While a universal heated hose can be used, such as the Hybernite System, the integrated nature of the Philips option sees the temperature of the hose adjusted to match that of the humidifier, while also negating the need for a second plug socket.

Please note: this humidifier is compatible with 60 Series machines only – it will not fit regular System One machines.

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Australia, Austria, Benelux, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Humidifier Water Capacity

325 ml