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Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks

Fisher & Paykel are a leading manufacturer of CPAP masks and equipment. Their commitment to quality and comfort sees their products deliver high satisfaction rates. Fisher & Paykel CPAP masks have won awards including a reddot design award in 2017 for their Brevida mask.

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Fisher & Paykel CPAP Mask FAQ

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Which Fisher & Paykel CPAP mask is best?

This depends on your particular requirement. Only Fisher & Paykel offer all four type of CPAP mask in their range; full face, nasal, nasal pillows and oral. Whatever CPAP mask type your prefer or require, Fisher & Paykel will have a suitable option.

Can I return a Fisher & Paykel CPAP mask if it is not suitable for me?

If you purchase a Fisher & Paykel CPAP Mask with our unique Mask-Fit Insurance option, then you can return it for any reason if you decide it is not for you. Almost all Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks have this option. Please be aware we cannot accept returns on opened masks bought without insurance unless faulty under warranty, as they are hygiene-sensitive products.

Can I use a Fisher & Paykel CPAP mask with my CPAP machine?

Yes - all Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks are universally-compatible and can be used with any make of CPAP machine. The only exception is the ResMed AirMini, as this has a unique connector to prevent the use of non-ResMed masks.

Why are Fisher & Paykel products expensive?

Fisher & Paykel's CPAP masks are designed with comfort and compliance first and foremost, without sacrificing these aspects to save costs. Their products go through extensive research and development. Unlike some brands, Fisher & Paykel focus on a small number of products and ensure they are as effective as possible for a wide range of CPAP patients. Therefore, when a new Fisher & Paykel CPAP mask is released, you know it is extensively researched, expertly designed and, above all, focussed on comfort and quality. As a result of their, their products fall into the premium category - but the satisfaction rates show they are absolutely right to take this approach with their products.

Fisher & Paykel High Performance CPAP Masks

Some patients are nose breathers, others breathe through their mouth and some are a combination. Patient adherence is better supported by choosing a mask based on how a patient breathes. Only Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers a CPAP mask in all four categories; nasal, nasal pillow, full face and oral.

Fisher & Paykel's high-performance family of CPAP masks simplifies the daily challenges of therapy. They are designed and renowned for:

  • Comfort: Facial comfort is achieved through unique cushioning technologies which contour the face. Together with innovative headgear designs, greater comfort is today being achieved by lighter masks, softer seals and small frame profiles.
  • Seal: An optimal mask seal is offered and achieved in each delivery category. All are designed to minimize leakage and maximize therapy adherence.
  • Easy Use: With a focus on Simplifying SleepLife, our family of masks are designed to be easy in every respect: set-up, cleaning, adjusting and sleeping. Just fit and forget.