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Sleep Apnoea Charities

For independent advice and information about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, we recommend speaking to one of the following charities.

The Sleep Apnoea Trust AssociationSleep Apnoea Trust Association Logo

The Sleep Apnoea Trust Association (also known as SATA), work to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients, their partners and their families. Managed by volunteers, SATA is regarded as the leading UK charity working in the field of Sleep Apnoea.

The Sleep Apnoea Trust is a patient support charity run by patients for patients. It is dedicated to increasing understanding, diagnosis and treatment of this serious illness. We help patients and their families with information and telephone helplines. We also assist research into the condition and act as a pressure group for patients.

The Sleep Apnoea Trust supports patients through Education, Information and assisting Research & Development. It also raises awareness of the condition and acts as a lobbying group to represent the interest of Sleep Apnoea sufferers.

SATA produce numerous excellent leaflets regarding different aspects of life with OSA, which can be downloaded from their website here. They also host the UK's largest patient day, SATAday. This is usually held at Oxford's John Radcliff Hospital every October, with expert speakers giving talks and answering questions on a range of relevant topics.

Membership of SATA costs £17 per year, and includes numerous benefits. A discounted rate of £5 a year is available for those facing financial hardship. You can find out how to join SATA here.

Telephone: 0800 025 3500
Email: Info@sleep-apnoea-trust.org

The Scottish Association for Sleep Apnoea

The Scottish Association for Sleep Apnoea, a registered Charity SC023352, was formed in 1996 to promote public awareness of sleep apnoea and provide information and support for sufferers and their families. It is a patient support organisation run entirely by volunteers, who themselves have OSA or are the partners of those with OSA.

SASA aims to increase the public and professional understanding of sleep related disorders. By raising awareness of sleep apnoea and the health problems associated with leaving the condition untreated, SASA hopes more people will be diagnosed; by supporting individual sufferers and their families, SASA hopes that more people will be successfully treated,leading to a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

As well as the health benefits for individuals successfully treated, SASA believes there will be a significant decrease in road traffic accidents caused by drivers with undiagnosed sleep apnoea falling asleep at the wheel.

The Association provides information leaflets about sleep apnoea and snoring, and their significance, and these are distributed widely to help educate the public, health professionals, sufferers and their families. Additional information can be obtained through our website which we aim to keep up-to-date with the latest news and findings. Support for sufferers and their families is provided through local support groups.

SASA’s Annual Conference is attended by patients, partners, medical professionals, equipment suppliers and manufacturers’ representatives. It is a useful forum for the discussion of sleep apnoea and related problems and also provides an update on research and all matters regarding sleep apnoea. For more details, please visit our News and Events Page

To apply for membership please use the contact form on the SASA home page.

Annual subscriptions are £10 per person or £15 for joint membership and are due on 1st April each year.

Telephone: Various - see website here
Email: Various - see website here


Welsh Sleep Apnoea Society

The Welsh Sleep Apnoea Society is run by patients for patients. The society is affiliated to the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association and members of our society are members of SATA. The society is not affiliated to any other organisation.

The aim of the society is to “Promote the understanding of breathing and sleep disorders”

In order to achieve this the society will:

  • • Liaise with Medical profession in order to raise awareness.
  • • Provide help and support through telephone help lines to past, existing and new patients of the Sleep Centre.
  • • Maintain contact with all aspects of the media, thus maintaining awareness of the disorder.
  • • Provide a web site and e-mail address for interested parties to use.
  • • Hold meetings of patients in order to provide mutual support.
  • • Raise funds for the group.
  • • Inform all patients of the Group’s aims, activities and plans.

The group have regular meetings and have a committee that shares ideas on how to promote the awareness of sleep apnoea. They have a membership scheme, and the fee will entitle you to receive regular newsletters informing you of forthcoming events from the group, and you will also be invited to join them at all of the meetings. Membership of our group also gives membership of SATA. Newly diagnosed patients receive free membership until June of the year of their membership application.

The Sleep Centre is based at the Royal Gwent Hospital.

Telephone: 01633 799997/07802800213 (for Peter Morgan, Chairman)
Email: Through contact form here

The British Lung Foundation

While not specialising in OSA, the BLF have helped large numbers of OSA patients with advice and information. They also ran an OSA awareness campaign between 2011 and 2015; it was probably the largest OSA campaign by any charity to date.

They continue to promote awareness of the condition and provides support to those who need it.

They have produced several useful leaflets about OSA; their current publications can be viewed here.

Telephone: 0300 0030 555
Email: Through contact form here