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SleepCube BiPAP S Machine

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The user-friendly and compact SleepCube range is now available to BiLevel patients, in the form of the SleepCube BiPAP S. It has the same great features that has made the SleepCube such a popular choice for CPAP users; small, lightweight, easy to use, an intelligent humidifier design and the unique SmartCodes system that makes data reporting simply. If you're looking for a BiPAP S machine, then look no further than the SleepCube.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is a 'BiLevel Machine’, a medical device usually used for sleep disorder conditions more complex than ‘simple OSA’ (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea). Before you can purchase a machine of this type, you must have this BiLevel Requirement Form completed by your consultant. If you have been diagnosed with 'simple OSA' and are looking for treatment for that, please see our range of Auto-CPAP machines.  If you have any questions - please call us on 0800 024 8050.


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Product Description

The SleepCube BiPAP S offers enhanced usability

SleepCube - now available for BiPAP patients

The DeVilbiss SleepCube CPAP machines have long been among our most popular ranges of systems, and its user-friendly design and advanced features are now available to BiLevel patients in the form of the SleepCube BiPAP S. The intelligently designed optional humidifier, the compact and attractive unit and its simple operation make it a standout choice for BiPAP users. DeVilbiss' unique SmartCodes system is used with the SleepCube BiPAP S, making it easy to get reports on how your therapy is going.

Distributing respiratory medical products in over 100 countries across the world, DeVilbiss are world leaders in the design and manufacture of clinical and homecare therapy products. Their new SleepCube range (called IntelliPAP in the US) is the result of years of experience with sleep apnoea therapy products worldwide. Focusing on the demands of the present-day patient, the SleepCube BiPAP S (also referred to as BiLevel) is small, looks great in any bedroom and has all the features one expects in a top of the range variable pressure PAP device. It is also the quietest machine we have ever supplied our patients.

SmartFlex – Easier, Comfortable, Natural Exhalation

The SleepCube BiLevel S is a spontaneous BiLevel machine, meaning it senses when you are inhaling and exhaling and switched between the two pressure settings accordingly. The "trigger", or the sensitivity, has ten different settings so that you can make the transition from IPAP and EPAP as accurate and comfortable as possible. The SleepCube BiPAP S also uses flow rounding, easing the transition between the two to make it more gradual and natural, as shown on the diagram below. With five settings to choose from you can make your therapy suit your preference exactly.

With five settings to choose from, Flow Rounding makes the transition betwen inhalation and exhalation smooth and natural

SmartCodes makes feedback easy

Almost all BiPAP systems have data recording capabilities – the difference with the Sleepcube BiPAP S is just how easy it is to access that information. There's no need to buy a memory card or expensive software – you simply display your SmartCodes on the systems display, email us your codes, and we can tell you what they mean. Want to know how effective your therapy is being? It's as easy as emailing us a few digits and we'll give you the results. The best bit? There's no charge for this service – Intus provide it for free as part of their outstanding after sales service.

The SleepCube Humidifier takes up no additional space

The most convenient humidifier available

If you wish to add humidification to your SleepCube BiPAP S, you can take advantage of arguably the most intelligently designed humidifier available – the SleepCube Humidifier. Available seperately, the Sleepcube BiPAP S simply sits on top of the humidifier, meaning that it still has the same small footprint on your bedside table. No need to find any extra space to accommodate it! The design also means the air inlet then sits higher, helping prevent it from sucking in dust that can gather on surfaces. If you find yourself waking up with a dry mouth or find the air uncomfortably cold, that a humidifier solves this provides by adding warm moisture to the air supply. The SleepCube Humidifier's water chamber is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

Using BiPAP on your travels? Look no further

If you do a lot of travelling, then you will struggle to find a move convenient option than the SleepCube BiPAP S. It is compact and lightweight, weighing little more than 1kg and with no power brick required, and comes with a carry case included. Add in to this the fact it can run off of 12V power (using an additional SleepCube 12V DC Cable, not included) and you can see why the it is first choice for those who are frequently on the move.

Three year warranty gives peace of mind

DeVilbiss supply all of their SleepCube range with a three-year warranty - a year longer than most manufacturers. So you can rest assured that the SleepCube BiPAP S is a reliable machine, and is backed up by a longer warranty period than many of its competitors.

What is the difference between BiPAP S and T?

There are two types of BiPAP therapy; S (Spontaneous) and T (Timed), and they refer to when the machine switches between IPAP and EPAP. With an S machine, it switches according to your breathing. With T, it switches on a timer, regulating your breathing. There is also BiPAP S/T which is a combination of the two. The SleepCube BiPAP S is a spontaneous machine, and is only suitable for those prescribed or recommended BiPAP S treatment. It is not suitable for BiPAP T or BiPAP S/T patients.

What's in the box?

The DeVilbiss SleepCube BiPAP S comes complete with:

  • SleepCube BiLevel / BiPAP S Unit
  • Travel Bag
  • 6ft / 183cm Hose
  • Washable Foam Filter
  • Disposable Fine Particle Filter
  • Patient Manual
  • Power Lead

SleepCube BiPAP S Specifications

  • BiPAP Dimensions (H x W x L without Humidifier): 4.3" x 6.5" x 7" (10.8cm x 16.5cm x 17.8cm)
  • Unit Weight: 2.7 lbs (1.2kg)
  • Humidifier adds ~7cm / 2.6" Height
  • Electrical Ratings: 50-60Hz, 100-240V AC
  • Operating Pressure: 3-25cm H2O
  • Sound Level < 29 dB(A) - ISO 17510 test: 26 dB(A)
  • Max. Power Consumption: 65W from AC power source (flow generator only - not with humidifier)

If you have any further questions about the SleepCube BiPAP S, or any other product on our site, please use the Contact Us page and we will be happy to answer any queries and offer you our advice.

Additional Information
Additional Information
SKU / Code (Range) DV55UK
Weight (including packaging) in grams 2550.0000
Manufacturer Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
Product Specifications No
What's Included No
Useful Links No
Vat Exempt Yes
A.K.A. IntelliPAP BiLevel S
Primary Mode(s) BiLevel S
Supported PAP Modes CPAP, BiLevel S
Pressure Type Pre-set / Fixed, Pre-set Inhalation & Pre-set Exhalation Bi-Level
Operating Pressure Range 3-25 hPa / cm H2O
Weight (machine only) 1.2kg / 2.8lbs
PAP Dimensions (Standalone) 165x175x107mm
Menu Languages Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Suomi, Svenska
DVD Included No
Mask Included No
Blower Operation Meter No
Usage Compliance Meter With Clinician Software
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years - excluding consumable parts, such as filters and tubing
User Manual Included Yes
User Manual Languages Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Greek, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Suomi, Svenska
Clinician Manual Included When shipped to hospital or clinic
Manufacturer's Help Lines United Kingdom, United States
Made In USA
CE Marked Yes
Fixed Built-in Humidifier? Unhumidified (can be integrated later)
Humidifier Capacity 500 ml
Humidifier Controls Operated with buttons on BiPAP unit
Humidifier Heat Levels 10
Humidifier Integration Heated Humidifier sits in a docking station exactly, seemlessly under the BiPAP machine. No additional power cable required.
Humidification Options Humidifier can be ordered immediately or added later if dryness issues persist. No setup required, just click into place.
Humidifier Power Source Via PAP Machine
PAP Dimensions (w/ Humidifier) 17.8cm H x 16.5cm W x 17.8cm L - 6.9in H x 6.5in W x 7in L
Tube Included Yes
Heated Tube Included No
Tube Length 6ft / 183cm
Tube Length Settings 10ft / 305cm, 6ft / 183cm
Applicable Filter Types Coarse Filters, High Efficiency Fine Filters
Coarse Filters Included 2
High Efficiency Fine Filters Included 2
Washable Filters Coarse Filters Washable
Electrical Ratings 50-60Hz, 100-240V AC
Max Power Consumption 65W from AC power source (flow generator only - not with humidifier)
Power Cord Included 3-Pin Figure 8 UK Fused
Power Supply Type Internal - No Brick
Multi-Voltage Power Switching Automatic Switching
AC to DC Switch Automatic (if both connected)
DC Option 12V DC
DC Battery Comments With the right SleepCube DC cables (see Power Options or use the search) this machine can run from any 12V DC source such as a caravan / car battery or the Super CPAP Battery pack available from Intus Healthcare. Note that the humidifier will not heat when running on 12V but can still be used as a passive, pass-over humidifier.
Lit Buttons Yes, permanent when on, dimmed when off
Lit Display Yes, permanent when on, dimmed when off
Ramp/Delay Method User configurable, starting at X and rising over a set period of between 5 and 45 minutes to the prescribed pressure. Comfort Delay button can re-activate this process when the patient desires.
Events Pressure Adjusted On Snoring, Hypopnoea, Apnoea
Sound Level dB(A) 26 dB(A)
Carry Bag Features Humidifier Compartment, Padded Bag, Shoulder Strap
Fault Notifications On-screen, with error codes
Maintenance Reminders Filter Replacements, Mask Replacements
Altitude Compensation Automatic
Pressure Displayed Actual Current Pressure
Pressure Accuracy +/- 0.5 hPa / cm H2O
Mask On Power On Automatically Yes, on by default
Mask Off Power Down Automatically Yes, but off by default
Mask Fit Alerts Visible / Display
Automatic Mask Leak Compensation Yes
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