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Join our free CPAP and Snoring forum

If you are suffering from the sleep disorder obstructive apnea, then you might be pondering on where you can get the best advice about CPAP therapy and snoring solutions. Get ready to have your questions answered and feel supported by the CPAP community. In case you didn’t know, CPAP and snoring sufferers can benefit from our … More

The DreamMapper app for DreamStation machines launches in the UK!

The DreamMapper app launches in the UK completing the DreamFamily range. DreamMapper supports Philips Respironics vision of having an integrated CPAP system that can help support and improve users therapy. The DreamMapper app is designed to support users with their CPAP therapy and help them sleep better at night and be more active during the day. … More

OSA and back pain

Back pain sufferers should be cautious of having Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, especially those who are overweight. Studies suggest that up to 80% of people with OSA have not yet been diagnosed, and undiagnosed OSA can contribute to the symptoms of back pain. In a recent article from Healthy Tips, they discuss the impact Obstructive Sleep Apnoea can … More

The DeVilbiss Blue CPAP range offers large price cuts

It is the perfect time to take an interest in the DeVilbiss Blue CPAP range as DeVilbiss Healthcare welcome new price cuts. The DeVilbiss Blue range sets a new standard of data and performance with improved sensitivity to detect a full spectrum of respiratory events. The DeVilbiss Blue Automatic CPAP machine features advanced data detection, differentiating and … More

BresoDx has been approved in Europe for accurate testing of OSA

BresoDx is an accurate and cost effective diagnostic device for sleep apnoea. It has been approved in Europe for its accuracy in diagnosing OSA and now it is launching this Saturday at ERS in London. Intus Healthcare will be the exclusive distributors of the BresoDx diagnostic device in the UK and Republic of Ireland. BresoDx … More