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Intus Healthcare relaunch CPAP.co.uk

CPAP.co.uk has long been a valuable source of information and advice for OSA patients.

However the original version was becoming dated, so Intus Healthcare have given it a significant overhaul to allow it to become more useful than ever before.

Among a notable visual overhaul, the new site features:

  • Advice and information section dedicated to snoring, OSA and CPAP
  • Information about related conditions, such as COPD, Diabetes and Restless Leg Syndrome
  • An online store featuring the most popular and latest therapy options
  • Alternative treatment options, including Mandibular Advancement and Provent
  • A loyalty points system, giving customers 5% back in reward points

The site will be continually expanded and improved with time. The platform used for the new version giving greater scope for additional sections and technologies to be incorporated in the future.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments - we are looking to continually improve and expand the site based on our visitor's feedback and suggestions.

Author: Helen Clarkson

About author: Helen Clarkson is a Sleep Specialist at Baywater Healthcare. Ms. Clarkson has worked with Baywater since 2008, working closely with patients in delivering sleep/bi-level services including sleep and respiratory, both in the home and clinic setting. This includes therapy initiation and troubleshooting support. Ms. Clarkson is responsible for delivering the Baywater Healthcare patient adherence management programme to ensure continuing patient therapy compliance. works in conjunction with NHS clinicians and procurement to deliver excellence in home and clinic-based services. She provides training on all aspects of sleep including devices and interfaces. Previously, Ms. Clarkson served as Respiratory Physiologist at Pontefract General Infirmary. Her position was Senior MTO for lung function/sleep department, and she was responsible for performing simple and complex sleep studies, sleep study analysis, CPAP initiation, therapy adherence and troubleshooting/service clinics, spirometry, lung volumes and transfer factor, reversibility, CPET, hyperventilation testing, EIA testing, skin prick testing, 6 min walk tests. She has also held roles as Respiratory Physiologist and Respiratory Technician, working closely with patients with respiratory disorders -- including ex-miners. Ms. Clarkson has a BSc (Honors) in Applied biology from University of Staffordshire. She also studied Developments in Sleep Medicine (advanced course) at St. Thomas’ Hospital, and took the Edinburgh Sleep Medicine course. She completed the BSS: Advanced sleep course and the ARTP NIV Course.

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