ResMed myAir: All you need to know

ResMed MyAir App

Last updated on July 7th, 2023 at 11:15 am

You might be wondering what myAir is, and this blog will explain all you need to know about the ResMed myAir CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) app. 

Resmed myAir app shown in use on tablet, laptop and smart phone.

What is ResMed myAir?

Resmed is an award-winning sleep and respiratory care business formed in 1989. Specialising in Sleep Apnoea equipment (CPAP) and other respiratory-related conditions. Resmed supplies a range of CPAP machines and CPAP masks across 120 different countries.

MyAir is a free personalised, interactive app that CPAP users download onto their smart devices – or access through a computer. Simply create a ResMed myAir login.

Resmed built the app to optimise consumer sleep therapy progress and confidence. By using individual CPAP data provided, users can get the most out of their CPAP with myAir.

MyAir allows users to understand and manage their Sleep Apnoea through informative technology. With four million CPAP users signed up, myAir makes monitoring and managing your CPAP therapy simple.

MyAir Features

Resmed designed myAir to be tailored uniquely to you. Your therapy data gives you an insight into your CPAP journey. Here are some of the effective features myAir holds: 

  • Customised myAir settings just for you.
  • Sleep data is automatically recorded and transmitted when you wake up, ready to view in the morning.
  • Important information about your sleep therapy.
  • Track daily sleep data through your myAir score.
  • Personalised tips and coaching.
  • Access to a video library for additional advice, tips and tutorials.
  • Encouraging support alerts regularly to keep you on track.
  • Badges and milestones to keep you motivated with CPAP therapy.
  • Troubleshooting advice and guidance.
  • Important CPAP cleaning reminders to promote healthier therapy.
  • Allows you to take control of your Sleep Apnea.

CPAP therapy works at improving your quality of sleep.

What is a myAir Score? 

MyAir calculates a new score each morning based on your previous night’s sleep data. Your myAir score is created using these factors: usage hours, mask on and off, mask seal and breathing pauses per hour (AHI -Apnoea Hypopnea Index).

Your myAir score is calculated out of 100, so how can you achieve the best score? Let’s break it down:

Usage hours – The longer you use your CPAP device, the more points you will receive out of a possible 70.

Mask on & off – The amount of times your mask is removed throughout the night. The less this happens, the higher points you gain out of a possible 10. If you have trouble keeping your mask on at night, you might want to consider a different CPAP mask type. You could try a nasal pillow or full-face CPAP mask. It can take some time to get used to your CPAP mask. 

Mask seal – This factor considers your mask’s seal and being comfortable with your mask. The more your mask leaks, the fewer points out of a possible 10. 

Events per hour – The remaining 10 points are factored in by your apnoea events per hour (AHI). This calculates your number of breathing pauses (apneas and hypopneas) per hour throughout the night.

MyAir Compatability 

Resmed created myAir for compatibility with Resmed CPAP machines only.

Here are some machines that feature the myAir app:

Once a CPAP machine is purchased and the details are loaded into the myAir system by your device supplier, you will receive an email to create a ResMed myAir account.

You will need to download the myAir app and log in to your account. Once you use your CPAP machine, it automatically wirelessly connects and uploads your data. You then can start tracking your sleep therapy progress.

If you would like help finding a CPAP device, you can contact us.