RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners from Naturs Design


RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners sit between your skin and mask to absorb skin oils, preventing red pressure marks and irritation.

The soft liners protect you from common side effects, including minimising air leaks by creating an airtight seal.

You can try a sample pack for £8.99 to add comfort to your mask fit.

Please scroll down or scroll through the image gallery to find the mask compatibility chart to determine what size you need.

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Comfort made simple

RemZzzs CPAP mask liners are a simple comfort accessory that can enhance your therapy by creating a barrier between your skin and mask cushion. The patented design eliminates most of the common CPAP issues, including air leaks, red marks and dryness. These cotton liners are compatible with almost every popular mask brand; simply take a look at the compatibility chart below to find your size.

Benefits of RemZzzs:

  • Reduces or completely eliminates air leaks.
  • Stops air leak noise as a secure seal is formed.
  • Prevents redness, soreness and skin irritation.
  • Absorbs facial oils and moisture to extend the life of your mask.
  • Creates a secure fit with no leaking air and no more dryness!

The naturally absorbent fibres of each RemZzzs liner act as a protective barrier between skin oils and your mask cushion. Although you must clean your mask daily, liners make the process quicker! By protecting the mask with a liner, you won’t need to rigorously clean your mask as the liner absorbs the moisture, keeping your mask cleaner.

“The liners really helps leakage which gives me a better nights sleep.” – Lorraine

“It makes wearing a mask so much more comfortable and stops the mask from sticking.” – Yvoone

“Helps me to sleep with comfortable padding.” – Barbara

Try a sample pack

Finding the best CPAP mask for your therapy can take some time, and you may try a few different masks before finding the one for you. When adding RemZzzs to your treatment, you can overcome many common fitting issues quickly so you persevere with your current mask. The sample pack option contains six liners for £8.99, so you can see if they work for you.

When purchasing a sample pack, seven days after we ship them, you will receive an email containing a discount code. The code will give you £8.99 off your first full pack – effectively making the sample pack free.

Experience a more comfortable night of sleep with RemZzzs, and improve your confidence and compliance!

Multi-buy Offer

Save £4 per pack when you buy three or more full packs of RemZzzs liners. Discount is automatically applied to the basket.
One monthly pack – £28.99
Three or more monthly packs – £24.99 each

RemZzzs Mask Compatibility Chart

Please find your mask in the chart below to ensure you purchase the correct liner size for your mask. If you can’t find your mask or remain unsure, please Contact Us, and we can help.

Make Type Mask Size Option
ResMed Full Face AirFit F20, AirFit F10, Mirage Quattro, Quattro Air, Ultra Mirage Full Face Extra Small Full Face – Size 1
Small Full Face – Size 1
Medium Full Face – Size 2
Large Full Face – Size 3
Quattro FX Small Full Face – Size 1
Medium, Large Full Face – Size 2
AirFit F30 Any size Full Face – Size 0
Nasal AirFit N20, AirFit N10 Small Nasal – Size 0
Medium Nasal – Size 4
Large, Wide Nasal – Size 5
Mirage FX Small Nasal – Size 0
Standard / For Her Nasal – Size 5
Wide Nasal – Size 5
Ultra Mirage II, Mirage Micro, Mirage SoftGel, Activa, Activa LT Small Nasal – Size 4
Shallow, Shallow Wide Nasal – Size 4
Medium Nasal – Size 5
Large, Large Wide Nasal – Size 6
Swift FX Nano Small Nasal – Size 0
Standard Nasal – Size 4
Wide Nasal – Size 5
Nasal Pillows AirFit P10, Swift FX, Swift LT, Swift II, AirFit P30i All sizes Nasal – Pillows
Philips Full Face Amara, Amara Gel, ComfortFull 2, ComfortGel Full, ComfortGel Blue Full Petite, Small Full Face – Size 1
Medium Full Face – Size 2
Large Full Face – Size 3
Amara View, DreamWear Full Face Any size Full Face – Size 0
Nasal Wisp, DreamWisp Petite, Small/Medium Nasal – Size 0
Large, Extra Large Nasal – Size 4
ComfortGel Nasal, ComfortGel Blue Nasal, ComfortClassic, ComfortFusion Petite, Small Nasal – Size 1
Medium Nasal – Size 2
Large Nasal – Size 3
EasyLife (Medium and Large require a Full Face liner – this is not an error) Small Nasal – Size 6
Medium Full Face – Size 1
Large Full Face – Size 1
TrueBlue Petite, Small Nasal – Size 0
Medium, Medium Wide, Large Nasal – Size 4
Nasal Pillows Nuance, Nuance Pro, DreamWear Nasal Pillows, GoLife Any size Nasal – Pillows
Fisher & Paykel Full Face Simplus, Vitera Small Full Face – Size 1
Medium Full Face – Size 2
Large Full Face – Size 3
Forma, Flexifit 432, Flexifit 431, Evora full-face Small Full Face – Size 4
Medium Full Face – Size 5
Large, Extra Large Full Face – Size 6
Nasal Eson, Eson 2, Zest, Zest Q, 405, 406, 407 Petite Nasal – Size 0
Small Nasal – Size 4
Medium Nasal – Size 5
Large Nasal – Size 6
Nasal Pillows Brevida, Pilairo, Opus 360 Any size Nasal – Pillows
Sleepnet Full Face Mojo, Mojo 2, Ascend Full Face, V3 Small Full Face – Size 1
Medium Full Face – Size 2
Large Full Face – Size 3
Nasal Ascend Nasal Small Nasal – Size 4
Medium Nasal – Size 5
Large Nasal – Size 6

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