SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Automatic CPAP Machine

sleepcube-and-mask-topperThe DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Auto CPAP has the same great features and design that made the regular SleepCube so popular, but now they’ve added SmartFlex* exhalation relief. SmartFlex allows the CPAP machine to reduce the pressure during exhalation, making it more natural and comfortable. Add this to a feature list that includes quiet operation, a compact design, one of the most convenient humidifiers available (optional) and a three-year warranty. You have one of the best all-around machines available.


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SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Auto CPAP.

The SleepCube AutoAdjust Auto-CPAP has long been one of our most popular CPAP machines, and the reviews we’ve received from customers support that.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rated 5 out of 5

I’m new to INTUS but a well-satisfied customer. Recently diagnosed OSA sufferer, I could not wait the nine months for the NHS to supply a CPAP machine. I found this website, and it was great to speak to someone who listened and empathised. Within two days, I had this CPAP machine, and after the first nights use, I awoke feeling more alive than I have for decades. Well done, INTUS and well done the manufacturers of sleep cube. I found the ease of use great & the benefits fantastic.

Mac – 6th March 2011

Their new SleepCube range (called IntelliPAP in the US) results from years of experience with sleep apnoea therapy products worldwide. Focusing on the demands of the present-day patient, the SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Auto-CPAP (also referred to as APAP) is small, looks great in any bedroom and has all the features expected in a top of the range variable pressure PAP device. It is also the quietest machine we have ever supplied our patients.

Now DeVilbiss has improved the CPAP machine further by adding exhalation relief in the form of SmartFlex. A system that makes exhalation easier. This feature has turned an excellent CPAP machine into an outstanding one!

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About Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

The DeVilbiss headquarters are situated in Port Washington, New York.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare manufactures a complete line of medical products.

  • Including mobility products.
  • Sleep and respiratory products.
  • Bariatric products.
  • Wheelchairs and power-operated wheelchairs.
  • Sleep surfaces and pressure prevention products.
  • Self-assist products and rehabilitation products.
  • Patient room equipment, personal care products and Mobility electrotherapy devices.

Currently, the Company has corporate offices, manufacturing facilities and distribution facilities located throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, India and Australia.

The Company markets its products to customers located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

now with SleepFlex inside

*SmartFlex – Easier, Comfortable, Natural Exhalation.

Several CPAP manufacturers have used exhalation relief technology, but DeVilbiss’ SmartFlex system takes it to a new level. You can customise both how much relief you want and how sharp you want to transition between inhalation and exhalation. You can opt for a drop in pressure of either 1cm, 2cm or 3cm, and there are five stages of transition to choose from – between sharp (rapid reductions and increases) to smooth (much slower change). That leaves you with 15 possible combinations, ensuring that whatever level of relief you require, there’s a setting perfect for you.

The SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus.

The SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus is an automatic CPAP machine and has all the benefits of variable pressure. The SleepCube advanced sensors can detect exactly how much pressure you need at any given time and foresee apnoeas developing and increase the pressure to avoid them. This feature means that you will often have a lower pressure than you would with a fixed pressure as it only rises when you need it. Many CPAP users find that this allows for drifting off quicker and gives them more comfortable therapy during the night. Because of the advanced sensors located in the AutoAdjust Plus, you can also get more detailed compliance readings from your SmartCode.

SmartCode makes feedback easy.

Almost all Auto CPAP systems have data recording capabilities – the difference with the Sleepcube is just how easy it is to access that information. There’s no need to buy a memory card or expensive software – you display your SmartCodes on the system’s display, email us your codes, and we can tell you what they mean. Want to know how effective your therapy is being? It’s as easy as emailing us a few digits, and we’ll give you the results. The best bit? There’s no charge for this service – Intus Healthcare provides it for free as part of their outstanding after-sales service.

The most convenient CPAP humidifier available.

If you wish to add humidification to your SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus, you can take advantage of arguably the most intelligently designed humidifier available – the SleepCube Humidifier. This option is available separately, and the Sleepcube Auto Plus simply sits on top of the humidifier, which means the same small footprint on your bedside table. 

No need to find any extra space to accommodate it! 

The design also means the air inlet then sits higher, helping prevent it from sucking in dust that can gather on surfaces. If you find yourself waking up with a dry mouth or finding the air uncomfortably cold, a humidifier solves this by adding warm moisture to the air supply. The SleepCube Humidifier’s water chamber is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

Are you using CPAP on your travels? Look no further.

The SleepCube’s compact size makes it an ideal travel option. It can be powered using a 12V cable (available separately), allowing you to use it in a car, on a boat or in a caravan. Its auto-adjusting power supply means it can accept any mains voltage between 100-240V, meaning you can use it in almost any country across the globe. It comes supplied with a carry bag making transportation easy and comfortable.


A 3-year warranty that gives peace of mind.

DeVilbiss offers a three-year warranty with their SleepCubes; such is their confidence in building quality and longevity. The industry-leading warranty means you buy with peace of mind.

What’s in the box?

The DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus APAP comes complete with:

  • Auto pressure adjusting PAP device
  • Travel Bag
  • 6ft / 183cm Hose
  • Washable Foam Filter
  • Disposable Fine Particle Filter
  • Patient Manual

SleepCube Specifications.

  • CPAP Dimensions (H x W x L without Humidifier): 4.3″ x 6.5″ x 7″ (10.8cm x 16.5cm x 17.8cm)
  • Unit Weight: 2.7 lbs (1.2kg)
  • Humidifier adds ~7cm / 2.6″ Height
  • Electrical Ratings: 50-60Hz, 100-240V AC
  • Operating Pressure: 3-20cm H2O
  • Sound Level < 29 dB(A) – ISO 17510 test: 26 dB(A)
  • Max. Power Consumption: 65W from AC power source (flow generator only – not with humidifier)

Important Information: This is an ‘automatic’ CPAP machine, which as the name suggests, automatically adjusts the pressure for the user, although it can also be set with specific pressure settings if required. If you have not yet been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea, or do not have any written confirmation of a sleep apnoea diagnosis or prior CPAP usage that you can send us, please consider our quick and discreet in-home sleep study services. Any questions – please call us on 0800 024 8050!

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Additional information

Weight 2550 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm
Mask Leak Compensation


AC to DC Switching

Automatic (if both connected)

Filters Used

Coarse Filters, High Efficiency Fine Filters

CE Certified


DC Power Option

12V DC

Electrical Ratings

100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

Helpline Locations

United Kingdom, United States

Also Known As

IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Plus

Humidifier Heat Levels


Heated Tube Included?


Humidification Options

Humidifier can be ordered immediately or added later if dryness issues persist. No setup required, just click into place.

Humidifier Water Capacity

500 ml

Integrated Humidifier?

Unhumidified (can be integrated later)



Made In


Manufacturer's Warranty

3 years – excluding consumable parts, such as filters and tubing

Operating Pressure Range

3-20 hPa / cm H2O

Menu Languages

Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Suomi, Svenska

Main Therapy Mode


Voltage Power Switching

Automatic Switching

Humidifier Dimensions

17.8cm H x 16.5cm W x 17.8cm L – 6.9in H x 6.5in W x 7in L

Power Lead Included

Yes (UK or EU as required)

Power Supply

Internal – No Brick

Machine Dimensions


Pressure Accuracy

/- 0.5 hPa / cm H2O

Sound Level (dBa)

< 29 dB(A) – ISO 17510 test: 26 dB(A)

Supported Therapy Modes


Ramp Method

starting at X and rising over a set period of between 5 and 45 minutes to the prescribed pressure. Comfort Delay button can re-activate this process when the patient desires., User configurable

User Manual Languages


Tube Length

6ft / 183cm


User Manual Included

31 reviews for SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Automatic CPAP Machine


    Excellent. I have now been using this machine for 8 months and I am a changed man – driving has become a pleasure and I don’t fear ‘sleep-overs’ at friends anymore. My wife is getting used to the quiet nights after 25 years of having a spluttering chainsaw next to her in bed.( my sleep score compared the noise to a chainsaw)

    It took me about a week to get used to wearing the mask but I now I won’t go anywhere without my CPAP. The Sleepcube has a neat travel case that holds the machine mask & pipes (as well as all my other travel chargers & cords) and passes through airport security without a wink.

    I purchased the SoClean Cleaner and Sanitiser today as the daily cleaning of the mask & pipes is the only thing that takes up time. I also purchased the battery travel pack as I plan to use it on the aeroplanes travelling to & from New Zealand later this year. Your helpline was very efficient even though your website has all the information needed.


    SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Auto-CPAP. My wife was given the Nippy 3 by our hospital when she was told she had Obstructive sleep apnea now while this machine helps her sleep better it’s very heavy to carry when taking her away for a break for a few days as she has other serious health issues. I suffer from osteoarthritis so carrying the Nippy 3 wasn’t easy so I looked on the internet for something smaller and easy to use and found this sleepcube auto c pap which seem to tick all the right box’s after looking at the reviews on line and checking the web and I also checked with our doctor to make sure it would be suitable for her and he said yes it would. Huntington EU-PAP was very easy and delivery was very quick you don’t have to pay vat as long as you can provide proof from your doctor that you or your family member has this condition(sleep apnea). I would recommend this product if your looking for one I know that there are other’s out there but I can honestly say this is a God send as it’s easy to transport when going away from home instead of taking a big machine with you.


    Great value and very quiet. Replaced an old auto CPAP with this and was very pleased. First off, the customer care from Intus is excellent – they are extremely professional and helpful. This machine represents great value and is nearly silent when operating. I haven’t tried the smart codes yet, but it is a good idea and saves a lot of hassle downloading infomration from SIM cards etc (that’s how my old machine works). Looked around at different machines (previuously own the REMstar) and I think this is the best value around.


    8+ years and 21,222+ compliance hours of use with this machine. I don’t want to jinx it, but this has been solidly keeping me going since I got it. I think that regularly changing the filters has helped as had accessing the clinical menu to adjust the pressures slightly. I’m now starting to look at newer smaller machines, especially for travelling, as well as to having a UPS back-up and travel battery capability.


    Great value. I’ve been using this for just over a week and it’s a big improvement over my old Silentnight unit. It sits on standby all day and automatically starts as soon as I use the mask. It’s much quieter than the old unit and I’ve been sleeping much better since the changeover. One great feature is the ramp start. This causes the pressure to gradually increase over an adjustable period. Mine is set to 20mins, which let’s me drop off to sleep before it reaches full pressure. As one of the cheapest auto units its great value.


    Very good product. I felt really better from day one since I used it. It’s definitely recommended for people with Apnea very easy to use


    Good machine when you know how to use it. Needs some technical know how. I bought this machine to replace my previous Sleep Cube which lasted 6 years then began to burn out. It is exactly the same as the Intellipap machine except for the new innovation of the flexible exhalation function, so I expected it to feel the same in use, with the same settings. However, the new innovation causes a feeling of having to pull in air for a split second before releasing a sudden blast of air on inhalation,, which is noisy, tiring and uncomfortable. As I use the CPAP to counteract severe snoring, but don’t have sleep apnoea, I need a gentle steady pressure. rather than sudden increases to prevent apnoeas. The customer service folk at Intus tried to help, but are not allowed to tell people how to access the clinical menu to change settings, and although the manual tells you this can be done, you can’t normally do it yourself. After a long email chat, a technician telephoned me back to suggest turning off the flexible exhalation function, but by then I had accessed the information via Google from other worldwide users. By accessing the clinical menu I was able to switch off this new function, so the machine now works as my previous one – bingo!


    First CPAP Machine.. As a first time user of a CPAP machine I found it to be a straight forward uncomplicated very easy to use one. I bought the matching humidifier as I have long suffered from a dry mouth, frequently waking up during the night from both sleep apnoea and dryness. The humidifier sits neatly under the sleep cube. Totally brilliant is all that I need say.


    Excellent. Machine is excellent. It allows for natural breathing as it reduces pressure in the mask on exhaling.

    John C

    Does the basics well. I’ve had this for about 2 weeks now: completely new to CPAP. The first impressions are that it is very well built, and how quiet it it. It has a sturdy and chunky feel to it – the buttons are large and rubber, and easy to use, which is helpful in the middle of the night. My impression is that it delivers the air in an easy going kind of way: given that its job is to shove air up your nose, I have found this to be quite gentle. If shoving air up your nose ever could be called gentle. The auto on feature works well: one good breath and it kicks in. The downsides: the information it gives is quite limited, and not so easy to access, as is the display (an old style dot matix). Moreover, it gives therapy feedback via a ‘smartcode’, which you have to write down and send to Intus to decipher. To sum up: not the most advanced of machines, but it does the basics, and does them well. It has the feel of being there for the long haul.


    First time user of CPAP. My snoring had got so bad I was sleeping in the spare room so I used Intas to do the overnight sleep apnoeia and it showed I had it quite severely. I had reviewed the online information on the Intas (EU CPAP) site and had both online discussion and phone contact with Kelly and she was a great help. I chose the Sleepcube auto adjust as it automatically adjusted the pressure for my obstructive apnoeia phases, had the function to reduce the pressure on exhalation and had the ability to add the humidified if necessary. I had to have the discussions around the settings when ordering but the whole process was easy and quick. The order was placed and within 2 days the machine was with me. On day 1 I spent a little (less than 30 minutes) trying it out whilst watching TV and found it comfortable, not claustrophobic and easy to use. On using it at night time it is so easy – one button to turn on and off and the auto function if you just put the mask on to your face. I bought the AirFit 20 mask and again as a first time user it is so comfortable (don’t over tighten – I basically loosened it until it started to leak – you can hear this – and then tweaked the straps a little and left it at that and its great) and if you allow the air to blow before you apply the bottom straps, it creates an air cushion around the sides and feels really comfortable. The CPAP machine has a very small footprint so I can put it on my bedside table really easily and is so quiet that it does not disturb me when going to sleep – its like a slight whisper when you breathe in. I’ve been using every night for around 6 weeks now and emailed Kelly with the codes from the machine (easy to do just press the left key and then scroll up or down and it provides the codes) and within an hour she had returned the results which showed all was working well and the settings were ok for me currently.

    If you’re a first time user I’d recommend this combination of mask and machine as it is both comfortable and easy to use.


    Excellent machine. A superbly designed machine. Very easy to use and transport around. I can hardly believe how quiet it is. It has totally taken the stress out of going to sleep!


    great nights sleep at long last. Been on fixed pressure machine longer than I care to member, hospital would not put me on auto adjust cpap machine..well they were wrong.

    Friends and neighbours tell me I look 10 years younger. Its a great machine. The staff were very helpful.


    A+. Very neat + compact as I do travel a lot. Very quiet so wife is also able to sleep. Daytime drowseyness much improvedy


    Super quiet unit. The unit is excellent, delivery was without fault and quick.

    Super quite and efficient


    Good machine. This was bought to replace a fixed pressure machine that had been in use for a number of years. The auto feature has been a revelation and makes the machine much easier to live with. I’m now getting 6 or more hours uninterrupted sleep which I haven’t done in years and if I do wake in the night I can get back to sleep. The ordering process was straight forward and the staff I dealt with on the phone were helpful. The delivery was on time via DPD who give you a one hour window.


    Good product. Excellent customer service.. This is the first auto CPAP machine i have used it was easy to set up and work with. It is quieter than other CPAP machines I have used, good design, but a little bigger than my last machine. The carrying pouch is very practical especially when travelling as it has a sleeve that allows you to attach it to the handle of your roll along bag. It displaced my laptop bag


    Very good machine. Being new to CPAP, and my first machine, I have nothing to compare it to, but have so far been very impressed with it. It is virtually silent in operation. The Smartflex feature which reduces the pressure when it senses you are exhaling works superbly. It has a ramp up feature so you get a gentle start, but I expect all machines have this. It seems very well made and sturdy, although quite heavy. It comes with a nice carry case, which is useful as I work away during the week so it is easily portable. I do not have the optional humidifier (not felt a need for it), but with that attached it would obviously be more tricky to transport. All in all I am very impressed with it, and would recommend it.


    2nd one ad it for 2 plus years, . I replaced my original sleepcube after knocking it over and somehow filling it with water from the humidifier, well that was about 2 1/2 years ago, And this 2nd one is still going strong, no water issues, I have now fitted it in the bedside cabinet to secure the cube while allowing access to the humidifier, All in, I would buy this model again, after all, why fix what isn’t broken, have slept well, and still sleep like the proverbial baby since using this sleep cube, happy to recommend this to a friend, Lum . Essex


    Nice package. A good travelling machine. Good for home and camping, travel etc. No fiddly external power supplies. Accepts 12V DC easily. Quiet-ish – a little bit of noise unlike the super-silent Resmed S10 machine.


    Very Satisfied. This is the first CPAP machine I’ve ever used and it was easy to set up and work with. It is quiet and basically I push one button at night and again in the morning to switch on and off. I also have to praise the excellent customer service from Intus – friendly and informative with quick delivery.


    Very happy. I would just like to say I am very pleased with this machine and the great service from this company. Staff are very polite, patient and knowledgeable. Delivery service was great too. I was emailed updates on my order and tracking information to track my delivery online. My order was delivery next day. I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work.


    A Great Product. I have used this machine for about one year. It is my first CPAP machine.


    I have nothing but praise for this machine. It is quite, filters are easy to replace and the Smart Code system allows you to check all is well.


    None that I am aware of.

    Get one.


    Best you can get for the price. I bought the new DeVilbiss – as my original model finally stopped working properly after 5 years faithful and continuous use. This fitted to my old humidifier so that was a cost saving. There are a few new features – a quick look at how many AHIs per hour and the total amount of hours slept per night is handy. I wasn’t too keen on the new exhale relief system – it was set at maximum, but I changed it to the lowest setting. Basically it reduces the pressure when you breathe out – by either 3, 2. or 1 pressure settings. Or you can switch it off if you don’t like it….I hope to get at least another five years out of this hopefully more…


    Fabulous kit. just received the Sleepcube, amazingly quiet and so simple to use, wish I had found this year’s ago. Friendly staff at end of phone offered help and advice, ordered mid- afternoon, delivered 09:00 next morning. A great product with brilliant service from Intus.


    best nights sleep in years. I have been using cpap for 4 years and recently decided to buy one with a humidifier, as I usually wake with a carpet tongue and dry mouth. The sleep cube seemed to fit the bill so I ordered one from INTUS, Very helpful lady on the phone processed my order and it arrived the next day, I have had the best nights sleep in years since I received it, My normal sleep pattern was bed at 12am awake at 3 am for a drink, i’d get back to sleep an hour later if I was lucky and be up at 6 at the latest, Now I get to bed for 11pm and dont wake again til 7at the earliest, And the best bit is I dont wake with a mouth like the sahara desert, As an added bonus my wife is getting a decent nights sleep too, because I am not disturbing her with my night time forages to get a drink, So thanks INTUS for a great service and thanks Devilbiss for an excellent machine.


    best nights sleep in years. Really pleased with my sleep cube and humidifier, wished I had bought one years ago instead of enduring dry throat and carpet tongue for years, Also wife says she sleeps better as I dont disturb her at “stupid o’clock” when I used to get up for a drink to ease my parched throat. I now find that I regularly sleep for 7.5 to 8 hours a night where before I was lucky to sleep for 5 hours so thanks INTUS and Devilbiss, excellent unit and very helpful staff on the phone,


    New but well satisfied customer. Recently diagnosed OSA sufferer, I could not wait the 9 months for the NHS to supply a CPAP machine. I found this web sight, it was great to speak to someone who listened and empathised, Within 2 days I had this cpap machine, and after the first nights use, I awoke feeling more alive than I have for decades. Well done INTUS and well done the manifacturers of sleep cube, I found the ease of use great & the benifits fantastic.

    My wife was not looking forward to the noise she thought a cpap machine might make, but she too had a very pleasant surprise from this very qiuet machine.


    Does precisely what it says on the tin.. Ordering was simple and efficient and delivery worked well. The machine itself works well and does exactly what is required. The pressure controls make it very comfortable to use and I like that it switches on and off automatically. I also find it very useful to monitor my AHI every day and as I get used to the system it is now down to a more manageable level. The machine itself is small, unobtrusive and quiet with a good carrying case which is easy to transport. Overall I am very pleased with this CPAP.


    Quieter and more efficient – recommended. My previous Sleepcube APAP (nearly 23,000 hours of use) is replaced by this new one. The original did not reduce the pressure when exhaling so I’d got used to that, whereas with this newer version the pressure is reduced when exhaling, but I seem to be getting used to that. A lot, of course, is also down to the quality and fit of the mask you use. The unit seems to be quieter in operation which I’m also getting used to – the first few nights I kept on checking the air escaping to see if it was still there, but this could also be to the exhalation pressure sounds not being there now. I have an app (SnoreLab) that listens and records to sound levels at night but as I’ve got a cold right now I’ll wait a few days before using that to see how the sound level compares. Still, I’ve been sleeping through the night (as much as my brain allows) and don’t have a sore throat from snoring, so it seems all is good. Good price, too. Recommended.


    Fantastic. I have been using CPAP machines since 2006 so I know what to look for in a CPAP machine: reliability ,compactness, easy of use but above all QUITE in operation. This machine I found was all of these plus a very reliability well designed machine.

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What is a CPAP machine?

A CPAP machine, and CPAP therapy, is the most effective therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, which is a sleeping disorder that causes the sufferer to have a number of breathing interruptions and obstructions throughout the course of the night. The SleepCube is one of many CPAP machines, but has proved very popular with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea sufferers.

How do I go about purchasing a SleepCube Auto CPAP machine?

If you have already been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, and have been recommended to use CPAP therapy; you are able to purchase a SleepCube Auto CPAP machine directly from us; Intus Healthcare. Once you have completed your order, you will be send a documentation request from our Customer Care team, in order to ascertain that you have been recommended CPAP from a medical professional. If you have not yet had this diagnosis, and would like to purchase a SleepCube Auto CPAP machine, then we recommend you complete a sleep study with us. This will determine the possible diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, and therefore be adequate evidence for you to proceed with your purchase of a SleepCube Auto CPAP machine.

Will anything else come with my SleepCube Auto CPAP machine?

The SleepCube Auto CPAP machine comes with a number of other products to improve your CPAP experience. The SleepCube Auto CPAP machine will come in its very own Travel bag, for your convenience. In this travel bag, will also be a tube/hose to connect your SleepCube Auto CPAP machine with your CPAP mask; washable Foam Filter, a disposable Fine Particle filter and a patient manual for all your SleepCube Auto CPAP machine needs.

How heavy is the SleepCube Auto CPAP machine?

The SleepCube Auto CPAP machine weights 1.2 kilograms. More information about size and dimensions of the SleepCube Auto CPAP machine can be found above.

Would I be able to take my SleepCube Auto CPAP machine onto an aeroplane?

Yes – there should be no problem taking your SleepCube Auto CPAP machine onto an aeroplane. Although we would recommend checking with your respective airline, and then getting their response in writing, so you can take this with you to the airport.

Is a CPAP mask included in the price of the SleepCube Auto CPAP machine?

Unfortunately – a CPAP mask is not included in the price of a SleepCube Auto CPAP, and would need to be purchased separately. More information about CPAP masks can be found under the CPAP section of our website EU-PAP.

What are SmartCodes?

SmartCodes are a feature of the SleepCube Auto CPAP machine. They enable us to remotely evaluate how effective and successful your CPAP therapy is going. All you have to do is email us your SmartCodes, which are displayed on your SleepCube Auto CPAP machine, and we can log in and attain data to analyse from your machine. This service is absolutely free.

Does the SleepCube Auto CPAP machine come with a humidifier included?

No – the SleepCube Auto CPAP machine does not come with a built in humidifier. Although, a humidifier is available to purchase as an add-on to your therapy for £150.00. More information about the SleepCube Auto CPAP machine humidifier can be found on its respective individual product page.