Transcend 3 Auto Travel MiniCPAP Machine

The Transcend 3 Auto is the ultimate travel companion. If you take your CPAP machine with you for work or pleasure, then the Transcend 3 Auto’s compact size and weight makes it easy. Plus, the optional battery packs are similarly small, meaning you no longer have to lug around a bulky, heavy battery pack. Revolutionise your travelling with a Transcend 3 Auto CPAP Machine. Plus – its high build quality and specifications mean can be used as your primary machine, too.

Buy any Transcend Battery at the same time as your Transcend 3 Auto and you will receive an automatic £50 discount during the checkout!

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Transcend 3 Auto CPAP for TravelTranscend 3 Auto – the ultimate in portability for Automatic CPAP users

The Transcend 3 Auto now allows you to maintain your CPAP therapy wherever you are – whether at home, abroad, or on the move. The compact size and low weight lend itself perfectly for travel – but the specifications allow it to be your every night machine, too.

The Transcend 3 Auto is around half the size and weight of a conventional CPAP machine. It also has optional battery options should you be travelling away from mains power (sold separately). Additional optional accessories allow you to use the Transcend in whatever way suits your lifestyle and requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a primary CPAP machine to use every night, or a back-up unit for travelling with, the Transcend 3 Auto‘s extensive range of accessories allows you to customise it to fit your individual needs.

Business Travel – Compact and lightweight, Transcend devices are FAA approved for all major airlines and fit in carry-on bags.

Outdoor – Go anywhere under the stars and off the grid with Transcend’s portable power options.

Leisure Travel – Small & lightweight with an array of power options that allow you to travel without limits.

Lorry Driving – The perfect companion for truck drivers who require clinically effective CPAP therapy on the go.

FAA approved – Transcend devices are FAA approved, allowing therapy inflight with either P4 or P8 battery (prior written approval from airline recommend).

Enjoy travelling? No problem. The Transcend has two battery options and a 12V DC Mobile Power Adapter. Save £50 when buying a battery at the same time as your Transcend 3 Auto. This discount is automatically applied at the checkout.

What comes included in your Transcend 3 Auto Starter Kit

The Transcend Starter Kit includes:

€¢ Transcend CPAP machine

€¢ 6′ / 183cm tube

€¢ Mains power supply

€¢ Travel bag (colour and design may vary and may be different to that shown – Somnetics change the design frequently – but the size and shape is always as shown)

On the left you can see what you get in the box.

Please note: batteries, docking stations and all other accessories not listed above are available separately, see below for details.

What are the drawbacks of the Transcend?

To achieve the Transcend’s incredibly small size, there are a few compromises to be aware of. There is no LCD display screen displaying pressures, or any other information. A small series of lights give indicators about what the machine is doing or alerting you to any issues.

Also worth noting is that you may find the Transcend machines to be a little noisier than other, larger machines, as there is less room for sound insulation and dampening. However, the Transcend still meets the industry-standard requirement of producing less that 30db in noise, but just be aware that light sleepers may need a little time to adjust to the slightly higher volume.

Choose your accessories to make the Transcend 3 Auto suit you

Add the above Starter Kit to the basket now, and then mix and match the following options to complete your perfect CPAP setup.

Transcend Battery Packs – want to use your CPAP while camping, long-haul flying or want a backup power source? Use a Transcend Battery Pack to give you the freedom you want. Available in two capacity sizes, they make the Transcend the ultimate portable CPAP option. Save £50 when buying a battery pack with your Transcend 3 Auto – the discount is applied automatically at the checkout.

Transcend DC Mobile Power Adapter – want to power your Transcend from a 12V source? Use the 12V DC Mobile Power Adapter to do just that. Whether in a caravan, car or using a universal battery, this gives you further options. It can also be used to charge the Transcend batteries from a 12V source.

Important Information: This is an ‘automatic’ CPAP machine, which as the name suggests, automatically adjusts the pressure for the user, although it can also be set with specific pressure settings if required. If you have not yet been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea, or do not have any written confirmation of a sleep apnoea diagnosis or prior CPAP usage that you can send us, please consider our quick and discreet in-home sleep study services. Any questions – please call us on 0800 024 8050!

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Additional information

Weight 1540 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm
Mask Leak Compensation


AC to DC Switching

Automatic (if both connected)

Filters Used

Coarse Filters

CE Certified


DC Power Option

Proprietary Battery Only

Electrical Ratings

100 – 240 VAC, 18VDC, 2.6 Amp, 50 – 60Hz

Helpline Locations

United States

Heated Tube Included?


Humidification Options

or with optional waterless humidification with an in-mask HME, Unhumidified as is

Integrated Humidifier?

Unhumidified (can be integrated later)



Made In


Manufacturer's Warranty

3 years – excluding consumable parts, such as filters and tubing

Operating Pressure Range

4-20 hPa / cm H2O

Main Therapy Mode


Voltage Power Switching

Automatic Switching

Power Lead Included

EU and Aus attachments, Proprietry plug with UK, US

Power Supply

Internal – No Brick

Machine Dimensions


Sound Level (dBa)

30 dB

Supported Therapy Modes


Ramp Method

0-45 minutes, 0.5 hPa/cm H2O increments

User Manual Languages


Tube Length

6ft / 183cm

User Manual Included


Weight (machine only)

0.5kg / 1.1lbs

Tube Included?


22 reviews for Transcend 3 Auto Travel MiniCPAP Machine


    Excellent and portable device. Have only had chance to use this a couple of times so far but as a portable replacement for my Philips Respironics for travel it makes a lot of sense. The case is compact and efficient. The machine itself is effective. The noise “issue” I have seen mentioned is really not an issue, the noise is just different and both I and partner slept without problems. The power supply has a reasonably lengthy cable and with the length of the face mask tube, there should be no issues being close enough to a socket in a hotel. I did buy a battery (Tracer 12v Uktra) for my respironics for camping and hotel use from Intus. It was expensive (but excellent) and hoped it would work with the Transcend but it is disappointing that the connector does not fit both machines. Having an adaptor for this battery and would be hugely valuable. I agree with a couple of comments mentioned elsewhere, specifically about the on off button being difficult to locate in the dark and the need for a non slip mat as the unit is lightweight. I plan to take the unit to America for 3 weeks and will be doing a full test!


    Fantasticly small and great portability. Fantasticly small and great portability, I bought this CPAP for Camping and holidays along with the 2 day battery.

    The auto machine is very quiet, I am very happy all round with my purchase. The company where very helpful with my questions prior to my purchase.


    I would recommend it. This product is reliable, does what it’s supposed to do. It is so SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT – it is ideal for air travel.


    Very good but could be better with a larger on/off switch. The on/off is a little small and not that easy to find when fumbling in the night when going to the Loo. I miss the Phillips sensor which switched the machine on once you have the face mask on, but enjoy the freedom of it working on battery power. It would be the greatest if it had a sensor which switches the machine on when you you put the mask on.


    Very easy for travelling. I’m pleased with the Transcend Auto, it makes packing and carrying around when travelling much easier. I see from other reviews that the difficulty of finding the on/off switch by feel in the dark has also been noted. I would also recommend taking a non slip mat for the machine to sit on beside the bed for safety, the base which is offered for sale with it would work but is additional equipment to pack when the object of the exercise is light luggage when travelling.


    Good traveling CPAP. Good for traveling –


    Excellent value for money!!!. I have had a RESMED S8 Autoset + Hum. + Mirage Quatro for nearly 10 years. Due to my work, I have had to increase my travelling, so I looked into a more portable device. I looked at several, and I chose this one, as I can purchase a proper humidifier anytime I decide to make it the base unit and the rest are either tied up to consumables or much noisier. I have been running it for a week and the funcionality is 100% equivalent to the previous APAP. And I found with INTUS the best price around.


    Everest base camp. Have used the Transcend Auto on a number of abroad trips including a recent trek to Everest Base Camp and the machine worked really well – even at altitudes over 5000mtrs!

    Thoroughly recommend it


    Convenience at a price. I bought this CPAP machine for its small size and low weight when travelling, and it certainly scores well on both of those counts. What detracts from these advantages is:-

    • slightly noisier than home-based machine, with a high pitched tone that can affect sleep a bit

    • on/off control and ramp button hard to find by touch alone in the dark

    • ramp control effect not noticeable

    paul p

    ease for travelling. As good as my main model, but less than 1/2 the size and weight which makes traveling easier. For safety suggest use of anti slip mat when placed on smooth surface


    Transcend travel. Bought this for 5 month motorcycle camping tour in Canada and US (from UK). Liked the size, and it worked well throughout. No issues with its performance- did what I needed it to. Couple of niggles- primarily the buttons to operate. They are really hard to find in the dark. Would benefit from some kind of textured/raised or otherwise touch friendly design. The other small issue I had was the rubber connector between machine and hose gradually loosened its fit over time. INTUS are excellent though- sent me a replacement. Bought the DC adaptor and double battery as well. Wow- cost is high for both! Battery did 2 nights before needing charge no problem. DC adaptor- the fuse went. I didn’t realise it had one. Maybe most of you will know that, but it left me thinking I had a broken unit for 3 months. One star for website because not Mac compatible. Also because I emailed the (US) company while in the US regarding my DC adaptor problem, and they were not at all helpful.


    As compact, quiet and convenient as it says on the tin!. A 1st time CPAP user, I travel a lot so I wanted something that would pack-up easily. Paired it with a DreamWear FitPack Nasal Mask and it works brilliantly. It’s quiet, my wife says it sounds like distant waves on a shore and actually sends her to sleep. For me with the mask I selected, there’s no need for humidification and I have experienced no hose rain-out I read so much about (probably because your nose is not sealed in with the DreamWear mask. Simple to download data into my laptop to track and review performance too . Just into my second week and I don’t even know I’m hooked up to each night – AHI under 1.0 so happy days!

    Tony Browne

    Comes with excellent back up support.. Nice small machine allowing me to use it when travelling 180 days per year. Works well with additional humidifier. Excellent no nonsense support from intus solved my problem promptly. Well done.


    My month long holiday. Decided to buy this nice travel pack as I could not manage a long haul flight without the benefit of a battery powered and small machine.

    The drawbacks are as listed, but I could mention that in the dark finding the on/off button was a bit hit and miss. I found that removing the mask in the dark whilst on, would automatically turn the machine off in 2 or 3 seconds. Really a great and well made product. The batteries are a bit pricey. It is on this note I should add a caveat here….the small battery would not provide me with more than 4 hours use at 13cm of pressure, irrespective of what Intus said it should do. Ultimately I was provided with a prompt solution to this problem from the Intus Customer Care Team and I am very satisfied with the outcome. My dealings with Intus have been helpful, totally satisfactory and professional. I would certainly recommend this product and Intus Healthcare.

    J Skyrme

    An excellent machine. This has proven to be an excellent purchase. I used it on expedition in Tanzania and it is small, light and portable.


    – I actually find it more comfortable to use than my normal machine!

    – Easily fits inside a small rucksack / hand luggage.

    – It is a no nonsense machine so once setup, it is simply a case of switching the unit on/off. There are no annoying lights to keep you awake or lengthy instructions to read.

    – The machine is whisper quiet.

    – No need for a humidifier with this machine.

    – I used it in a small tent with the battery pack and it proved to be excellent – I used it at over 2000m above sea level and it performed perfectly. I also used it in very hot and very cold/damp environments and it was faultless.

    – Excellent customer service by email and phone and speedy free courier delivery

    Areas for improvement:

    – It comes in a smart bag (smarter than the one in the above photo!), this could be slightly better designed to offer more protection and have proper compartments for all the parts, however it is fit for purpose and looks good! I suspect a lot of people use the mesh compartment to store their documents (the ones from your consultant to allow them to fly with the machine) – unfortunately you can’t use it easily for this as they fall out when you open the bag!

    – There are four clips around the base of the machine (I think these are for use with the base which is an optional extra) they could be more ergonomically designed for those people who don’t want the base.

    – The machine and all of the extra components such as battery pack, solar charger etc are expensive for a machine I will only use when away from home.

    Overall I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and would wholeheartedly recommend it.


    Transcend APAP -. I bought this one as my DeVilbiss machine developed a fault and had to be returned to INTUS for repair – and I needed a back up while this happened – and I knew it would also be useful for travelling. On both counts – this machine does the job. It is a bit noisy and the humidifying options are expensive or bulky – but if you’re not using it long term it doesn’t matter too much. If you are flying hand luggage only – then it’s ideal If you need to use one because you are away from mains power then the battery packs are ridiculously overpriced. It’s now on offer at £499. I paid £549. At the price it is a good buy as a back up in case your main machine fails and is also great for travelling.


    Good for travelling. Good product and very helpful staff.


    Looking forward to my trip. After years of lugging the standard CPAP round the globe with me taking up most of my cabin luggage, I am so looking forward to taking this on my next long haul flight. Have tried it out for a couple of nights at home and find it works perfectly.


    Not for some!. Great size for travelling, but the noise of the mask when breathing is very loud. I can just about live with it, as I travel alone, but I think a partner sharing a room, would struggle with this. Tried Z1 and the noise from the machine whilst breathing was horrendous.


    Small and sweet. Bought this for holiday travel but it’s so good I’d use it at home too if I didn’t have to keep handing data in from my old provided machine. It’s much quieter than my original which was unexpected because I had expected it to be noisier. Very interesting for me too because I never get to see my data from my nhs machine and I was keen to see the results. The only quibble I have is that the buttons are rather tricky to find – my main machine auto starts so looking for buttons in the dark can be fiddly but despite this I would strongly recommend this machine.


    a great device for travel.. I travel for work, so wanted a CPAP device which was more portible than that provided for me by my health authority for home use. I am blind, so don’t have need for a display or any interactivity, so this device fitted my need. I have found it very simple to set-up and use, so no more rubbish night sleeps away from home. it is a little louder than my home device, but with a small cushioned mat and putting it lower than head level, I am confident in getting used to its sound. many thanks also go to the people at Intus Health Care, who talked me through the device and the ordering process with my health authoritys support.


    Very effective CPAP machine. I bought this for traveling after struggling with my ResMed Excape S8. This machine is one third of the size and weight of the ResMed. Even with the supplied power supply it is less that half the size and weight. This is important for flights with limited cabin baggage. Also useful to be able to store the power supply separately to spread the weight. As for the machine itself it is quieter than the ResMed. Being an auto machine it has selected a pressure lower than the settings on my ResMed which gives me a better sleep. Also, it is a very useful backup machine. Staff at were very helpful. I am really pleased with the machine and the process of buying it.

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What CPAP mask can I use with the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine?

You are able to use any CPAP mask and standard universal tubing with the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine.

Does the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP have a battery included?

No, the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine does not come with a battery included, or a built in battery. It only comes with a mains power supply. There are two battery options which can be bought for the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine, as additional extras. These are the P4 (single night) and the P8 (Multi-night). More information about both these battery options can be found in the description above, or in the Batteries and Powers section on this website.

How many hours of use will the Transcend P4 and P8 batteries give me?

The Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine P4 battery will provide approximately 7 hours of charge, and the P8 will provide approximately 14 hours of charge. Please bear in mind that these charge times are based on a pressure setting of 14 cmH20.

What does come included with the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine?

The Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine will come with a standard tube/hose, universal hose adaptor, mains power supply, user manual, patient software disc (windows XP and 7 only) and a travel bag. There are pictures included above that show everything that will come with the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine.

Does the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine have a Mobile Power Adaptor?

Yes – you are able to purchase a 12V DC Mobile Power Adaptor as an additional extra for your Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine. This mobile power adaptor will also enable you to charge your Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP P4 or P8 battery pack, if purchased.

Will I be able to alter the pressure settings on my Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine, after purchasing?

The pressure settings on the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine can only be altered by us, Intus Healthcare, or by a professional sleep physician or doctor. Your machine will have to be sent to our Warehouse for changes to be made, but we will despatch this back to you, free of charge. Upon request, we can provide a sleep physician or doctor, the instructions and passwords on how to change the settings on the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine.

How big is the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine?

The exact dimensions of the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine are as follows:

Height – 94mm H x 94mm W x 190mm L / 3.7 x 3.7 x 7.5 inches

Weight – 495 grams (1.09lbs)

Does the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine come with a built in humidifier?<

No – the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine does not come with a built in humidifier. Due to the Transcend’s small size – something has to give. There are options for humidifier that can be bought alongside the Transcend 3 Auto Portable MiniCPAP machine. Information about these two Transcend humidification options, can be found in the description above.