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Combine your Transcend CPAP System with a battery to maximise its portability. Wherever you go, you can take your CPAP therapy with you. Two battery capacities are available; the P4 provides around 8 hours of charge, while the P8 provides around 16 hours. Read below for more information.

Purchase either Transcend Battery at the same time as your Transcend CPAP Machine (any model) and you will get an automatic £50 discount at the checkout!

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION – due to airline carriage restrictions, we cannot ship batteries to Republic of Cyprus, Malta, or any offshore European territories such as the Canary Islands. The UK, Ireland and all other mainland European countries are currently unaffected by these restrictions. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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Maximise your Transcend’s portability

To use your Transcend 3 CPAP Machine or Transcend II Series CPAP Machine on the move, combine it with a battery pack. If you are going camping, flying overnight, or simply away from mains power for any reason, then a battery is the essential companion to your Transcend 3 CPAP Machine.

There are two batteries to choose from. The P4 powers your Transcend for up to 8 hours, while the P8 has enough power for up to 16 hours. Figures are based on a pressure of 14cmH2O; higher pressures may not last as long and staying at high altitude may also reduce run time as the machine will need to work harder.

Save £50 when ordering at the same time as your Transcend machine

Purchase either Transcend Battery at the same time as your Transcend 3 CPAP Machine (any model) and you will get an automatic £50 discount at the checkout!

Both batteries are chargeable from a mains source or through DC power using the Transcend DC Mobile Power Adapter (available separately). Mains charging uses your Transcend’s power supply, and both batteries can power your machine at the same time as being charged. This offers the added benefit of a seamless trip-over in case of a power-cut. The machine will keep running off the battery so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

The P4 is comparable in size to a large deck of playing cards. The larger P8 is twice as thick, but still incredibly small.

The dimensions of the Transcend P4 Battery are 104mm x 80mm x 23mm, while it weighs 0.28kg. It takes under five hours to charge when fully depleted, providing 7-9 hours of power at 14cmH2O. It has an output of 14.4V, with a capacity of 2.6Ah or 37Wh.

The dimensions of the Transcend P8 Battery are 110mm x 80mm x 42mm, while it weighs 0.5kg. It takes under eight hours to charge when fully depleted, providing 14-16 hours charge at 14cmH2O. It has an output of 14.4V, with a capacity of 5.2Ah or 75Wh.

Both batteries are only compatible with the Transcend CPAP Machine; they are not designed to work work with any other CPAP machine.

Both batteries have a warranty of 9 months. If storing a battery for longer periods, make sure it is charged up first, and consider topping up every few months.

Not compatible with the Transcend 365

This battery is for use with Transcend 3 and Transcend II MiniCPAP machines only. It is not compatible with the Transcend 365 range. Not compatible with any non-Transcend CPAP machines.

Need a battery for a Transcend 365 device? Click here.

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6 reviews for Transcend CPAP Batteries


    Poor performance. I took the battery on a plane. I was already worried by the fact that I had fully charged it one night, then the next day it had needed another 6 hours or so to charge fully without my having used it at all. On the plane it only lasted for a few hours before giving up. I’ve complained, but now I have been told I need to send my device in for testing. Very unimpressed.


    Cpap. Makes it so easy when you’re out and about!

    Mark r

    P8 won’t go two nights.. I’ve now used the p8 battery for over a year in many different places and countries. It does the job of powering the cpap very well for one night. But it’s never managed two nights. My pressure is 12 and I’m not at altitude. So if I can charge it every day it’s fine, but it does take at least 5 hours to charge. It does work nicely with the transcend even when in a leaky bushcraft shelter in the rain. So it does work for me but it’s an expensive bit of kit and I need more capacity.


    Great portable device if you travel. Good for those that travel a lot easy to use on the go.


    Battery performance. It should be noted (and please read my review of the Transcend Auto CPAP machine first) that the P4 battery would not last the night as advertised. At 13cm it would last 4 hours only!! After much emailing, testing the product and checking my analysis record, I was offered a great solution from the customer care team in which solved my problem. On holiday, it worked just fine. I used this on 2 Thai Air long haul flights comfortably. Perfect!

    J Skyrme

    An excellent way to liberate your CPAP. I bought the P8 Multi Night battery. It is a solid bit of kit which compliments your CPAP system and means you don’t need to worry about being near a plug.

    I used it on expedition to Tanzania and luckily managed to charge it daily before each evening’s use. I went for the multi night as I wanted to ensure it was sufficient for a longer nights sleep.

    On the occasion I needed it for two nights, it did not last the full two nights sleep for me – this was because I was at altitude and the machine had to work harder.

    You plug in the battery even when you are using the CPAP normally to keep it charged. It was excellent during a power cut at about 3am and continued to operate the machine faultlessly.

    It is expensive and heavy for a battery but helps to liberate your CPAP – I wouldn’t be without it now.

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