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  • Frequently asked questions about travelling with CPAP

    The summer is here and many people will be going on holiday over the coming weeks. Taking a CPAP machine with you can raise a few questions however - so here is some useful information to note if you're jetting off soon. Do I need an adapter plug for mains power? Most CPAP machines use a figure-8 mains lead (right), and... Read More

  • Number of NHS sleep studies double in a decade

    The number of people in the UK getting a sleep study conducted by the NHS has doubled from 10 years ago, accordingly to a recent BBC News story. 69,919 studies were conducted in 2007/8, whereas last year saw this increase to 147,610. This is the total for all sleep studies, and there are a number of different tests for various conditions... Read More

  • The Zeez Sleep Pebble; designed to improve your sleep

    For those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you might be interested in the new Zeez device. Programmed to replicate "brainwave pulses" of a good sleeper, it is a device that aims to aid a better nights sleep. Zeez Sleep Pebble by Zeez Technology If you frequently suffer from poor sleep, then you might be interested in the latest Zeez... Read More

  • Are you compromising your comfort with CPAP therapy this winter?

    As the temperature drops over the winter months, you might need to make some adjustments to your CPAP therapy in order to prevent awakening with a blocked nasal passage and dry throat. Find out below what you can do to make your therapy more comfortable over the winter season. As the winter approaches, you might start to suffer from a blocked... Read More

  • Intus to attend SATAday on October 15th!

    We are excited to be a part of this years SATAday conference at the John Radcliffe Hospital on Saturday October 15th 2016! Members of SATA are invited to attend this years annual conference to find solutions to any sleep apnoea related problems that they might have. Discuss your concerns with specialist nurses and leading healthcare providers like us, and leave the... Read More

  • Are you feeling the winter blues? Daylight therapy might help!

    It is estimated that 17% of the UK population suffer from the winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder can increasingly affect your mood and energy levels due to a lack of sunlight experienced The winter period is approaching and days are becoming increasingly shorter while the night sky lengthens. During the winter months, we are exposed to less sunlight which causes... Read More

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