DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask – FitPack from Philips


The Philips DreamWear Nasal Mask is an innovative and award-winning under-the-nose nasal CPAP mask.

Made with a soft and flexible silicone frame and tubing located at the top of the head for freedom to sleep in any position, the extra flexibility allows you to have a clear line of vision when lying down.

Now supplied with redesigned slip-resistant headgear for improved mask stability, fit and seal.

Sizing: This product comes with a medium frame and four different-size cushions (S, M, L & MW) in the pack so you can find which suits you best.

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If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance and have to option to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable. See the Mask-Fit Insurance section below for more information.

Philips DreamWear: Freedom of Movement

The innovative Philips DreamWear nasal mask is one of the most popular masks on the market. The unique design is award-winning for ‘Best Product Design’, due to its exceptional fit and comfort.

CPAP users love the DreamWear because of its under-the-nose design, making users feels like they are not wearing a mask at all! The freedom that the DreamWear provides enhances movement and maximises comfort during sleep.

DreamWear Nasal Mask Features

Slip-resistant headgear: The DreamWear is now supplied with the redesigned “arms” headgear with a slip-resistant design. The sturdier design enhances mask stability, fit and seal. If you had the previous DreamWear nasal mask and preferred the original headgear, it can be purchased separately here.

Special CPAP tube connection: The tubing connection elbow is connected at the top of your head, allowing you to sleep in any position. The creative design means you can maintain a good mask seal in your desired sleeping position.

Minimal contact: The under-the-nose seal avoids irritation on the nasal bridge, unlike many other masks that fit on the bridge of your nose. Due to the minimalist design, you can enjoy a free line of sight when lying in bed.

Soft silicone: The DreamWear is made from a soft silicone frame to provide an exceptionally comfortable fit. The fabric wraps and innovative design means that this mask prevents red marks, discomfort, and skin irritation.

DreamWear’s unique design offers many benefits of nasal pillows and cushion masks, enabling the patient to gain the best of both mask types.

Who should choose the DreamWear Nasal Mask?

Nasal breathers: The DreamWear nasal directs airflow through to the nasal passages, making it suitable for nasal breathers.

Those with facial hair: The minimal design of this mask makes it ideal for those with a beard or moustache. The reduced bulk of the mask makes it easy to accommodate facial hair.

Side & active sleepers: This mask is a great option for those who prefer to sleep on their side. The low profile of the mask makes it easy to turn onto your side without dislodging the mask seal.

It’s important to note that the comfort and effectiveness of the mask varies from person to person. It is recommended to discuss which mask is suitable for you with your healthcare provider or sleep clinician so you gain the most from your therapy.

Additional information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 8 cm
CE Certified




Mask Fit Insurance is available for this mask

If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance.

Mask Fit Insurance costs £14.99 for nasal masks and £19.99 for full face masks, and allows you to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable.

You have 28 days from the dispatch date to assess the mask and notify us that you are unhappy with it for any reason. You can return it and have it refunded (we must receive it back within 7 days of being notified).

The fee for the insurance is non-refundable once the mask is opened, as are any outgoing postage costs. The mask itself will be refunded in full.

A pre-paid returns label will be included for customers in the UK. We strongly recommend getting a proof of postage (which is free) as returns not received cannot be refunded. For overseas customers, the return postage will need to be arranged by the customer and this cannot be reimbursed.

CPAP masks purchased without insurance cannot be returned/refunded once opened for hygiene reasons, as explained in our returns policy.

Mask Fit Insurance must be ordered at the same time as the mask in question, and cannot be added retroactively.

Intus Healthcare reserve the right not to honour any orders containing multiple masks purchased with Insurance; please instead choose which mask you feel is most suitable and select the size required as per the sizing gauge (if applicable). Should you subsequently determine a different mask or size is required, you can of course return the first and order the other.

If you need any further information, please use the chat function (if available), or contact us.

Will the DreamWear work with my CPAP machine?

Philips Respironics have produced the DreamWear to be universally compatible with all CPAP machines on the market.

Are there any alternatives to the DreamWear CPAP mask?

By following this link here, you will be able to see the full range of masks that we currently sell online. The collection features full-face, nasal and oral-based masks for CPAP therapy.

I can't find a sizing guide. How do I know that the DreamWear will fit me?

Rest assured, Philips Respironics provide various sized nasal cushions with every order of the DreamWear so you can find the cushion that suits you best while you receive CPAP therapy.

I've lost/broken a part of my DreamWear mask, can I buy any replacement parts online?

Replacement mask parts for your DreamWear Nasal Mask can be found here.

Philips offer several replacement parts for your mask, including various-sized nasal cushions and nasal frames along with the headgear of the DreamWear itself.

Would I need to forward any medical documentation before I place an order for the DreamWear?

No medical documentation needs to be presented before you place an order for the DreamWear CPAP mask. We only require any medical prescription if you were to purchase a CPAP machine through our online store.

All other products can be purchased without any prior medical consent as part of a self-diagnosed declaration.

What is the best way to keep my DreamWear clean to maximise it's effectiveness?

The best piece of advice we could part with would be to clean your mask on a daily basis, we would suggest gently rinsing and washing the mask in warm soapy water to be sure not to damage the nasal pillows.

We would advise to avoid using any antibacterial or bleach based soaps as this could cause damage to the nasal pillows which in turn will lessen the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy.

Another tip we would suggest is on top of the daily washing would be to wash your face before and after use of the mask. Your face naturally accumulates bacteria throughout the day and secretes face oils. Washing your face with warm water will preserve the mask from gathering bacteria.

And lastly we would also encourage you to invest in some CPAP Mask Wipes to bring additional sanitary benefits to your DreamWear mask.