Prisma SmartPlus Auto CPAP Machine


The Löwenstein Medical Prisma SmartPlus Auto CPAP is a modern device with a diverse interface, precise event detection and autoSTART for simple therapy. The noise reduction technology and SoftPAP exhalation relief make the Prisma a comfortable and quiet machine. The device easily adapts to your breathing patterns so you can fall asleep effortlessly. 

For enhanced therapy, combine the Prisma SmartPlus with the PrismaAqua Heated Humidifier.

Prisma Self Management App

Your sleep data is automatically transferred to the Prisma App for therapy support from your smart device!

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Prisma SmartPlus Auto CPAP Machine

The Löwenstein Medical Prisma SmartPlus uses a smart automatic CPAP algorithm to treat Sleep Apnoea. The device uses advanced technology to effectively manage apnoea events and provide a comfortable night of sleep. The device uses precise event detection to identify periodic breathing, snoring, hypopnoea, apnoea and breathing flow limitations. The Prisma has a diverse connectivity interface to view your sleep data, including PSG, SD, LAN, internal Bluetooth and an internal modem.

The user-friendly interface makes this machine one of the easiest to use, so you can settle to sleep quickly. The integrated Bluetooth lets you access the Prisma App to control your therapy settings and view your sleep report for improvement tips. The Prisma can be combined with the PrismaAqua Humidifier to combat dryness and provide warmth to your air pressure.

Quiet therapy all night long

Using the Prisma Loewenstein CPAP machine provides you with a range of features to eliminate any discomfort and improve confidence in therapy. Features include:

AutoSTART: The AutoSTART functions mean therapy begins when you breathe into your mask. The Prisma also detects when you remove your mask, turning it off automatically.

Noise Reduction: Multi-stage noise reduction technology for quiet operation, leaving you and your bed partner to fall asleep quickly.

AutoRamp: The AutoRamp gradually increases the pressure before you drift off to sleep, increasing to your required pressure when you have fallen asleep.

Patient Alerts: The Prisma App alerts you when your mask or tube leaks so you can adjust your equipment accordingly.

Exhalation Relief: The SoftPAP exhalation relief makes breathing feel natural during sleep, gently lowering the pressure as you exhale. There are three exhalation relief comfort settings to choose from.

Integrated Bluetooth: The machine is Wifi compatible; with the integrated Bluetooth, you can pair your machine to your smart device for modern patient management.


What’s included?

  • Prisma SmartPlus Auto CPAP Machine
  • Power cord
  • Hose
  • Travel carry bag
  • SD card
  • Air filter
  • User manual

If you struggle with a dry mouth in the morning or find the pressure from your machine too cold, consider adding the PrismaAQUA Humidifier. The chamber warms and moistens your air pressure, preventing uncomfortable dryness.


Prisma Therapy Management APP

Discover more about your therapy with the Prisma SmartPlus app, easily downloaded onto your smart device. The app pairs with your machine without the integrated Bluetooth technology.

Once connected, the app automatically receives your machine data so you can view the progress of your sleep therapy. You can learn more personalised insights about your treatment journey and view progress tips and personal reports. The app allows you to change your settings straight from your smartphone remotely!

Download the APP from the APP Store here

Download the app on Google Play here

Lowenstein Prisma SmartPlus CPAP app |


Prisma CLOUD Patient Management

Your sleep data is automatically updated to the Prisma CLOUD to allow clinicians to remotely manage and monitor patient therapy. It is designed to reduce the need for in-person visits and manual data collection, allowing healthcare providers to manage more patients.

The platform was developed with doctors to enable continuous monitoring and timely interventions to help improve patient adherence and overall therapy outcomes.

  • Real-time access to therapy data, enabling prompt adjustments if needed.
  • Detailed analysis of therapy data.
  • Customisable reports that can be tailored to specific patient needs or clinical requirements.


Löwenstein Medical

Löwenstein Medical has specialised in medical devices for more than 30 years, contributing to patient care and offering tailor-made solutions for over 400,000 patients. Their products remain our top selling due to their durability, adaptable features and comfort elements.

Important Information: This is an ‘automatic’ CPAP machine, which automatically adjusts the pressure for the user, although it can also be set with specific pressure settings if required. If you have not yet had Sleep Apnoea identified or do not have any written confirmation of Sleep Apnoea, or prior CPAP usage that you can send us, please consider our quick In-Home Sleep Test. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or call us on 0800 024 8050.

Additional information


Löwenstein Medical

VAT relief eligible


Made In





24 Months (excludes consumables such as tubing, filters)

CE/UKCA Certified


Dimensions (CPAP unit only)

17 x 13.5 x 18 cm

Weight (CPAP unit only)


Consumables warranty

3 Months


Optional (sold separately)

Sound Level

25 Decibels

Tube type included

Standard grey tubing

Power Cord Length


Heated Hose

Optional (sold separately)

Exhalation Relief


Electrical Requirements

100 – 240V / 50 – 60 Hz

DC capable

Yes (DC cable not included)

Battery option

Yes – Pilot 24 (not included & 12v DC cable not required). Other batteries may require a 12v DC cable to connect the machine to the battery.

Mask compatibility


What's in the box

carry case, filter, machine, power supply, tubing, SD card, user manual

Pressure mode(s)

Automatic or fixed pressure

Pressure range


How do I connect my phone to my Prisma CPAP Machine?

Start by downloading the Prisma app, and ensure your machine is connected to the power supply and the Bluetooth is turned on. When opening the Prisma app, choose pair new device, find the machine that resembles yours and insert the serial number of your device. For more details on pairing your device, watch the video below.


How do I adjust my Prisma machine?

Adjusting the comfort setting on your device is simple and helps you gain the most effective therapy. Please see the guidance video below for guidance: