SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigator from Health Solutions


The SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigator provides fast relief for many sinus and nasal issues, including colds, allergies, tinnitus, post-nasal drip and more!

The device uses a natural saline solution to draw out blockages, remove bacteria and heal nasal tissue quickly.

Suitable for daily use, the SinuPulse cleanses hard-to-reach areas many other irrigators cant. Supported by clinical studies and recommended by many leading healthcare professionals worldwide.

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SinuPulse – Simple & Soothing Sinus Irrigation

SinuPulse is the industry leader in nasal irrigation, trusted by millions worldwide. The SinuPulse is the simplest and most convenient way to treat sinus problems; the device uses a proven-to-work nasal irrigation system to relieve sinus and nasal-based discomforts.

Supported by clinical research, the device uses a gentle pulsating mechanism to rinse away dust, bacteria and mucus from hard-to-reach areas many other nasal washers can’t reach. The fully adjustable device lets you control the settings to your preferred comfort.

Why SinuPulse?

Experiencing sinus issues can lead you to feel lethargic, suffer from headaches, develop a cough and leave you exposed to airborne illnesses. When leaving it untreated, the cilia in your nasal passages can become restricted and unable to do the job of preventing bacteria from entering your body – making you more prone to becoming unwell.

The SinuPulse eliminates these problems by flushing out the nasal passages, providing sinus relief in minutes!

Features & Benefits of the SinuPulse

  • Cleans what other nasal wash products leave behind
  • By the industry-leading sinus irrigator company
  • Sinus relief in minutes
  • Can be used with any saline
  • Fully adjustable for comfort control
  • Strengthens your natural ciliary function and immune response
  • Supported by clinical studies and medical reports
  • Trusted by millions

How it works

The SinuPulse was created in Switzerland by a team with over thirty years of experience in sinus irrigation. The device uses a natural saline salt solution via a gentle water flow or mist at a pressure you control to help relieve unpleasant symptoms.

The drug-free salts are specifically formulated to open your sinuses and treat delicate nasal tissue. For more guidance on how it works, take a look at the video tutorial in the image gallery above.

What’s Included

When ordering the SinuPulse Elite it usually arrives the next working day and includes:

  • The CE-approved SinuPulse Elite, 220V E.U. Model
  • UK 3-Pin Plug
  • Two sinus irrigator tips (1 x cleansing jet and 1 x moisturising spray)
  • Two throat irrigator and tongue cleansing tips (1 x jet and 1 x mist)
  • One month’s supply of SinuAir natural drug-free cleansing salts (30 packets)
  • Sinus health booklet & English instruction manual
  • 1 Year warranty

Additional information

Weight 1430 g
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm
CE Certified




Made In


Manufacturer's Warranty

2 years – excluding consumable parts

Troubleshooting Tips

Why is salt water leaking from my SinuPulse?

If water comes out the bottom of the handle, the tip may not be fully inserted into the handle, and water will come out at the end of the handle where the tube (wire) connects.

If water is coming from between the water tank and the unit, check if there is any solution left in the water tank when not in use, as this will result in a leak. As directed in the user guide, “Do not leave the solution in the water tank when not in use”.

The water tank is not intended to store solution in between uses. The O-ring may have been dry, and the user did not lubricate it on first use and periodically as needed as directed.

If water is leaking from where the wire (tube) comes out from the handle tip was not inserted all the way.

Why is there salt residue on my SinuPulse water tank?

About 10% of SinuPulse units are water tested for QC purposes – occasionally, some of the water is not fully vacuumed out. All components are sealed and safe to use.

Why is my SinuPulse not turning on?

The SinuPulse is only a 20W device and is sensitive to power surges and circuit issues. We do not recommend use in shaver sockets for this reason. There is an internal shutoff switch that may have become tripped as well from a surge and needs to reset, which can take up to 24 hours.

It is always best to try the unit in an entirely different area of the home on a different circuit (not simply a different outlet), typically the kitchen, to determine if it is a circuit issue and to possibly help force a reset if the internal breaker was tripped.

If you find your SinuPulse stops working, ensure the O ring is lubricated to restore the seal between the water tank and the unit.

Why has my SinuPulse tip broken?

The SinuPulse tips are not designed to break easily; if you find yours does, it could be down to dropping the device.

Please handle the device carefully to prevent this from happening.