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The latest news about CPAP machines, CPAP masks and CPAP accessories for sleep apnoea sufferers

Welcome to cpap.co.uk where you will find all you need to know about CPAP, OSA and snoring!

Bookmark this site right away because it is the only website where you can do all of the following in one spot: You can join and talk with other snorers and CPAP users in the CPAP forum, read all the latest OSA and CPAP news as well as general industry coverage on the CPAP Blog.

Watch equipment reviews and educational clips on the Video Blog, find Sleep Clinics in the UK and abroad and browse all available continuous positive airway pressure resources there are around the internet, such as OSA Research Papers and general CPAP & OSA Web Links.

  • The Zeez Sleep Pebble; designed to improve your sleep

    For those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you might be interested in the new Zeez device. Programmed to replicate "brainwave pulses" of a good sleeper, it is a device that aims to aid a better nights sleep. Zeez Sleep Pebble by Zeez Technology If you frequently suffer from poor sleep, then you might be interested in the latest Zeez Sleep Pebble by Zeez Technology. It is a new device... More

  • Are you compromising your comfort with CPAP therapy this winter?

    As the temperature drops over the winter months, you might need to make some adjustments to your CPAP therapy in order to prevent awakening with a blocked nasal passage and dry throat. Find out below what you can do to make your therapy more comfortable over the winter season. As the winter approaches, you might start to suffer from a blocked nasal passage or a sore throat with CPAP compliance. This... More

  • Intus to attend SATAday on October 15th!

    We are excited to be a part of this years SATAday conference at the John Radcliffe Hospital on Saturday October 15th 2016! Members of SATA are invited to attend this years annual conference to find solutions to any sleep apnoea related problems that they might have. Discuss your concerns with specialist nurses and leading healthcare providers like us, and leave the conference feeling confident with your therapy. This year’s morning session... More

  • Are you feeling the winter blues? Daylight therapy might help!

    It is estimated that 17% of the UK population suffer from the winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder can increasingly affect your mood and energy levels due to a lack of sunlight experienced The winter period is approaching and days are becoming increasingly shorter while the night sky lengthens. During the winter months, we are exposed to less sunlight which causes our body to produce less serotonin but more melatonin; a... More

  • Smoking can cause snoring and increase OSA symptoms

    Smoking is one of the most common addictive habits that is hard to break without any help or advice. Smokers should be wary of the implications it can have on their health; with an increased risk of lung cancer and obstructive sleep apnoea. Advertised across every cigarette packet are the risk factors that come along with smoking; smoking can cause lung and throat cancer; smoking kills. But one risk condition... More

  • Are you or your partner having sleep difficulties?

    Many people experience sleep difficulties which can negatively impact all aspects of their life; health, relationships, career and well-being. If you or your partner suffer from a sleeplessness disorder, be aware of the implications poor sleep can have on your overall health and make sure you are ready to find the solution to your sleeping problem. It comes to no surprise that the amount of sleep we have reflects on the individuals lifestyle. Sleep can... More

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