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The latest news about CPAP machines, CPAP masks and CPAP accessories for sleep apnoea sufferers

Welcome to cpap.co.uk where you will find all you need to know about CPAP, OSA and snoring!

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  • Is 8 hours of consecutive sleep really necessary?

    If you wake up during the night feeling anxious that you might not be able to get back to sleep, then you are not alone. How essential is it for us to get 8 hours of consecutive sleep? We have been led to believe that 8 hours of consecutive sleep is essential. However, science and history evidence shows us some reassuring evidence that will change the way we thing about awakening during... More

  • The Apex XT CPAP range is being relaunched at Intus Healthcare!

    The XT palm-sized CPAP machine range by Apex is back! Choose from the XT-Auto, XT-Sense or XT-Fit. The XT range by Apex has previously been a popular choice by Intus Healthcare customers, now it's back. Automatic CPAP users can also be excited for the new arrivals too, as the XT Auto machines have now been launched! Automatic CPAP users can now benefit from the very popular XT range by Apex... More

  • Maintain your CPAP machine by regularly changing the filters!

    CPAP filters are the tiny components of your CPAP machine that are often overlooked. However, they play a large role in the performance of your machine so it is essential that you change them frequently. It is very important that you regularly change your CPAP filters to ensure that your machine runs to its optimum standard, as well as filtering the air that you breathe. CPAP filters need to be replaced regularly... More

  • Eliminate pressure marks and leaks with an Ultra CPAP Pillow!

    Pressure marks and air leaks can be caused by using a regular sleeping pillow, as they press against the surface of your mask. Try using an Ultra CPAP Pillow instead, for improved comfort and therapy! An Ultra CPAP Pillow is more or less essential for side sleepers. With a crafted design with cut out points, this pillow allows you to sleep more comfortably, as well as eliminating air leaks. How does... More

  • Tips for keeping your CPAP mask on all night

    How quickly you adjust to CPAP Therapy can vary depending on your comfort, in regards to pressure, ramp time, mask style and fit. One of the most common annoyances when starting using CPAP therapy is the hunt to find a mask that fits comfortably, and stays on throughout the night! If you awake to find your CPAP mask off, then you need to address comfort issues. Identify the cause, and take action... More

  • Find the right CPAP mask

    When the results from your sleep study confirm OSA, then you are usually advised to try out CPAP therapy, if suitable. There are a wide range of excellent CPAP masks to choose from, so how do you know which one will be right for you?This informative guide lists every mask type available, and the pros and cons of each mask. Put your mind at ease when choosing a CPAP mask... More

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