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The latest news about CPAP machines, CPAP masks and CPAP accessories for sleep apnoea sufferers

Welcome to cpap.co.uk where you will find all you need to know about CPAP, OSA and snoring!

Bookmark this site right away because it is the only website where you can do all of the following in one spot: You can join and talk with other snorers and CPAP users in the CPAP forum, read all the latest OSA and CPAP news as well as general industry coverage on the CPAP Blog.

Watch equipment reviews and educational clips on the Video Blog, find Sleep Clinics in the UK and abroad and browse all available continuous positive airway pressure resources there are around the internet, such as OSA Research Papers and general CPAP & OSA Web Links.

  • Could It Be Sleep Apnoea?

    Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - is a serious sleep disorder that interrupts your sleep hundreds of times during the night If you snore - and it’s loud snoring - please keep reading. Have you ever woken up gasping - as if you can’t breathe? Do you have difficulty concentrating at work every day? So drowsy you can barely get work done?  If these ring true, it’s a good possibility you have... More

  • Over a million in the UK have undiagnosed Sleep Apnoea

    Loud snoring and choking during sleep are keep indicators of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea According to research by the Office of Health Economics for the British Lung Foundation (BLF), over 1 million people in the UK are living with undiagnosed sleep apnoea.¹ An estimated 1.5 million people have the condition - but only 330,000 are receiving treatment. The report stated that investment in the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of OSA could... More

  • Provent Sleep Therapy now available from CPAP.co.uk

    Provent Sleep Therapy is now available for patients to purchase from Intus Healthcare through CPAP.co.uk. Provent Sleep Therapy is a clinically proven treatment for Mild to Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Two vents cover the nostrils, providing resistance on exhalation which creates positive pressure in the airway. An alternative to CPAP therapy It is intended for use by those who have been unable to maintain compliance with CPAP therapy; instead providing... More

  • Intus Healthcare relaunch CPAP.co.uk

    CPAP.co.uk has long been a valuable source of information and advice for OSA patients. However the original version was becoming dated, so Intus Healthcare have given it a significant overhaul to allow it to become more useful than ever before. Among a notable visual overhaul, the new site features: Advice and information section dedicated to snoring, OSA and CPAP Information about related conditions, such as COPD, Diabetes and Restless Leg... More

  • Frequently asked questions about travelling with CPAP

    The summer is here and many people will be going on holiday over the coming weeks. Taking a CPAP machine with you can raise a few questions however - so here is some useful information to note if you're jetting off soon. Do I need an adapter plug for mains power? Most CPAP machines use a figure-8 mains lead (right), and can accept any voltage between 100-240V. This means you can... More

  • Number of NHS sleep studies double in a decade

    The number of people in the UK getting a sleep study conducted by the NHS has doubled from 10 years ago, accordingly to a recent BBC News story. 69,919 studies were conducted in 2007/8, whereas last year saw this increase to 147,610. This is the total for all sleep studies, and there are a number of different tests for various conditions. However, Sleep Apnoea is the most common sleep disorder in... More

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