AirMini Auto Travel CPAP Machine with F30 bundle from ResMed

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The AirMini is an exceptionally small and intelligent CPAP machine for therapy wherever life takes you. The device features powerful algorithms, HumidX waterless humidification, and quiet therapy.
Monitor and track your therapy progression through the AirMini app; the AirMini uses Bluetooth to transfer your sleep data to your smart device automatically.

This bundle includes a ResMed F30 Full Face CPAP Mask and adapter. If this mask is not suitable for you, please consider one of our alternative bundles:

AirMini with AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask bundle
AirMini with AirFit N20 Nasal CPAP Mask bundle
AirMini with AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask bundle

Please be aware that the AirMini does not include a battery pack.

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AirMini Travel CPAP Machine & AirFit F30 Bundle

The ResMed AirMini Portable CPAP Machine is the smallest device for your sleep therapy. The intelligent device features proven auto algorithms making it the ultimate travel companion for treatment wherever you go. The compact machine provides numerous components to make your therapy as comfortable as possible, featuring ActiveAir Technology, HumidX Waterless Humidification and more! The sleek and stylish two-tone design means the machine does not look like a medical device.

The simple-to-use AirMini is one of the world’s most popular travel machines and has quickly become one of our most requested items.

With this bundle, you get the best of both worlds, a smart and compact device and one of ResMeds most loved masks. The AirFit F30 is a lightweight full-face mask designed to fit a range of patient faces.

ResMed AirMini Portable CPAP Machine

The tiny machine weighs only 0.66 lbs (299 g), similar to a glasses case. Enjoy the lightweight and discreet design of the AirMini wherever life takes you! Plus, the AirMini includes an EU power supply and a UK adapter, allowing you to use it abroad or at home.

Why the AirMini?

Two Auto Algorithms: Algorithms are software that ensures you receive the correct pressure throughout your therapy. ResMed created the AirMini with two auto-algorithms that you can switch between, depending on what is most comfortable for you. The two versions are identical to those in the AirSense 10 for Her and the standard AirSense 10. If required, the AirMini can also be configured to a fixed pressure mode; please let us know if you need this option, as the user cannot change this.

Whisper-Quiet Therapy: Enjoy quiet therapy at only 30 decibels; the device is only slightly louder than the AirSense 10 range. At such a subtle noise level, the slight murmur goes unnoticed by many.

Portable: The small machine measurements mean the AirMini fits neatly into your bag. Measuring 5.4” x 3.3” x 2.1”. and only 10.56 ounces, it is the most lightweight and compact CPAP machine.

Waterless ActiveAir Humidification: The HumidX systems provide waterless humidification by capturing and reusing the moisture from your breath to add humidity. You no longer need to pack an extra humidifier chamber when travelling with your supplies. The HumidX require no electric power or water, using effective heat and moisture exchange (HME) technology.

Airline Approved: If you plan to travel by plane, the AirMini can be taken in your hand luggage and used during your flight. Please be advised that contacting your airline before you travel and informing them of your required therapy is recommended to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The AirMini lets you monitor and track your treatment by connecting to the AirMini app via Bluetooth.

Auto Start and Auto Stop: The auto functions react to the changes in your movements to make your therapy comfortable. The processes trigger your machine to automatically switch on or off when it senses you put on or take off your mask.

Exhalation Relief: Keep your breathing feeling natural with the exhalation relief function. The AirMini uses exhalation relief so you can breathe out with ease.

The AirMini App

You can easily download the free AirMini app to keep track of your CPAP therapy; the Bluetooth connection makes pairing your device simple.

The app stores your sleep data and reports, so even if your machine runs out of power, you can still view it. Within the app, you can manage your device and view key therapy elements, similar to the ResMed myAir app you may be familiar with.

The machine does not feature a screen; therefore, all device adjustments can be made through the app to control your Sleep Apnoea treatment.

AirMini Battery Compatibility

Consider a CPAP battery pack if you’re travelling away from mains power.

Are you travelling by plane? The 12V Ion Pro Compact Battery Pack is a great option.

Alternatively, the AirMini is compatible with the 12V Atom Pro Battery Pack. However, this is not permitted for use on an aircraft.

Included with your AirMini Bundle:

ResMed has made the world of CPAP easy; unpack your AirMini box and find:

  • AirMini device
  • Power supply
  • AirMini App (free download)
  • F30 mask adapter
  • F30 CPAP mask
  • Lightweight & slimline 15mm CPAP tube

Your pressure will be set up for you; all you will need to do is:

  • Download your AirMini app, and follow the set-up instructions.

AirMini CPAP Mask Compatibility

ResMed has designed the AirMini only to be compatible with some of their masks using a specific adapter.

This bundle includes a ResMed F30 Full Face CPAP Mask and adapter. If this mask is not suitable for you, please consider one of our other bundles:

AirMini with AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask bundle

AirMini with AirFit N20 Nasal CPAP Mask bundle

AirMini with AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask bundle

Whichever type of mask you use, we have a suitable bundle option.

Does the AirMini have Disadvantages?

There are a few compromises to make when partnering with the AirMini:

  • The device is so small that it is only designed for travel rather than daily use.
  • All therapy management takes place through the AirMini app, as there is no device screen. You must use a smart device to monitor your therapy and tailor it to you.
  • ResMed designed the AirMini only to be compatible with specific masks; if you want to use ANY mask with your AirMini, you will need the universal hose adapter and a standard CPAP tube. Consider the Universal Slimline 15mm CPAP Tube if you do not have a standard tube.
  • The AirMini is slightly louder than the AirSense 10 by just 4dBa. You may need to adjust to this slight difference in sound, but the simple and easy characteristics of the AirMini make it worth your while.

Important Information: This is an ‘automatic’ travel CPAP machine, which automatically adjusts the pressure for the user. If needed we can set it with specific pressure settings. Written confirmation of Sleep Apnoea is needed to purchase this machine. If you do not have this, you can take our Rapid Home Sleep Test to get that within just a few days.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or call us on 0800 024 8050.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


Made In


VAT relief eligible





24 Months (excludes consumables such as tubing, filters)

CE/UKCA Certified


Dimensions (CPAP unit only)

13.6 x 8.4 x 5.2 cm

Weight (CPAP unit only)


Consumables warranty

3 Months


sold separately, waterless only

Sound Level (dBa)

29 dB

Tubing type included

Standard grey tubing

Power Cord Length


Heated Hose


Exhalation Relief


Electrical Requirements

100 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz

DC capable

Yes (DC cable not included)

Battery option

Yes – Pilot 24 (not included & 12v DC cable not required). Other batteries may require a 12v DC cable to connect the machine to the battery.

Mask compatibility

else limited to certain ResMed masks only, Requires Universal Adapter

What's in the box

filter, machine, power supply, mask, mask adapter, humidx humidification, cpap tube

Pressure mode(s)

Fixed pressure or automatic

Pressure range


AirFit F30 Mask Size

Small, Medium

Tube Length