Atom Pro 12V 96K CPAP Battery Pack from Powapacs


The Powapacs Atom Pro 96K is ideal for powering your CPAP machine on your travels. The integrated Lithium-Ion battery weighs just 2kg, allowing most electrical devices up to 150 watts to be run from it.

The improved device holds the biggest battery capacity of 346Wh, 32Ah and six outputs. Featuring a 12V DC, the Atom Pro 96k is suitable for powering any CPAP equipment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To effectively use this battery pack with your CPAP machine, you will need a 12V DC cable; find our machine-specific options here.

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Portable CPAP power – even with a humidifier!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To effectively use this battery pack with your CPAP machine, you will need a 12V DC cable; find our machine-specific options here.

The Powapacs Atom Pro 96K is the third generation of portable power stations from Powapacs and is ideal for powering your CPAP equipment on your travels. The Lithium-Ion battery makes the Atom Pro a compact and lightweight power station weighing just 2kg, allowing most electrical devices up to 150 watts to be run from it.

Largest battery capacity

Featuring a battery capacity of 346Wh and both 12V DC and 230V AC sockets, the Atom Pro is suitable for powering any CPAP machine within the 150W limit! Plus, for some users, it can also power a humidifier.

Please note: Due to the high capacity of this battery means, it is too large for most airlines to accept on board – either in the hold or in hand luggage. If you need to take a battery pack on a flight, please consider the Powapacs ION Battery Pack.

Most battery packs have a 12V output only – which is great for most CPAP machines as often the manufacturer will produce a 12V cable. However, not all machines have a 12V power option – in which case a 230V AC power supply is the only option. The Atom Pro can do both.

Estimated running times of the Atom Pro

When powering a CPAP machine (without a humidifier) via a 12V cable, depending on your pressure settings and CPAP machine, the Atom Pro can power your machine for up to a week on a single charge.

Estimated run times using a 12V DC connection with no humidifier:

CPAP Machine 5cmH2O 10cmH2O 15cmH2O 20cmH2O
ResMed AirSense 10 (all) 28 hours 20 hours 17 hours 12 hours
ResMed S9 AutoSet / Escape 25 hours 22 hours 19 hours 17 hours
ResMed S8 AutoSet / Escape 25 hours 23 hours 15 hours 13 hours
Philips REMstar 60 Auto / Pro 60 hours 40 hours 29 hours 23 hours
DreamStation Auto / Pro TBC 35 hours TBC TBC
Prisma SmartPlus Auto 28 hours 20 hours 17 hours 12 hours
ResMed AirMini 140 hours 80 hours 45 hours 33 hours

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The estimated run times are based on using a 12V power cable without a humidifier.

The above times are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Actual run times will vary based on multiple factors, including machine, pressure setting, altitudes, mask leakage, exhalation relief, and more. When charging the Atom Pro, it takes approximately 5-6 hours to go from 0% to 100% using the mains charger.

If using the 230V option, run times will be reduced as this is a less efficient way of getting power from the battery to the machine. Running times will be around 70% of the estimates above, so we recommend using the appropriate 12V cable for your machine rather than the mains lead where possible.

Power your humidifier with the Atom Pro 96K

The Atom not only powers your machine, but it can also power your humidifier – provided that the power requirement of your machine and humidifier are 150W or less. Please check the electrical requirements section of your CPAP machine’s user manual.

Please be aware that if using a humidifier, the run times will be significantly less than the times above, as heated humidifiers use a lot more electricity than a CPAP machine by itself. Running times will be around 20-30% of the estimates above in most cases, still enough for a couple of nights’ use per charge.

Before the Atom Pro, the only real option for portable power with a humidifier was a bulky, heavy deep-sea battery. It is now much easier to continue to benefit from humidified CPAP therapy while travelling, provided your humidifier requires 150W or less to run.

Another option worth considering for short-term use is a Waterless Humidifier. These sit between your mask and tube, recycling the humidity from your exhaled breath to provide humidification. Using waterless humidification allows you to get considerably more hours of use from your Atom Pro whilst on the move. Each Waterless Humidifier lasts for three nights before needing to be replaced, making them an ideal short-term solution. You can find out more about those here.

Features of the Atom Pro Battery Pack

  • Atom Pro can be charged by mains supply, solar panel or via a 12-24V car adaptor.
  • Equipped with USB, USB-C PD, DC and AC outputs.
  • Real-time display showing the battery level.
  • Input and output modes.
  • High efficiency silent, pure sine wave inverter, 150W constant 200W peak power rating.
  • Overload, voltage & temperature protection.
  • Short circuit & low voltage protection.
  • Digital display with user information.
  • Integrated LED torch.
  • Capacity of 96,000mAh 346Wh. 32Ah at 12v.
  • High discharging rated 18650 lithium battery.
  • Compact 240mm x 165mm x 65mm
  • Weight – 2.1kg
  • Carry case included for easy transportation.
  • 2-year warranty

The Atom has a range of 6 outputs and is suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, lighting and other equipment. It is the “must have” mobile power solution for your holiday at the campsite, the fishing lake or during a survival holiday.

Which 12V cable do I need?

We recommend using the appropriate 12V power adapter to connect this battery to your CPAP machine, which will provide greater efficiency (and therefore run times) than the mains lead. Intus provide most of the appropriate cables, which you can find below:

  • Philips Respironics Machines – click here
  • DeVilbiss SleepCube – click here
  • Somnetics Transcend – click here
  • *ResMed S8 – S8 Converter 33942 is only available from ResMed directly
  • *ResMed S9 – S9 Converter 36970 is only available from ResMed directly
  • *ResMed AirSense 10 – Air 10 DC-DC Converter 37297 is only available from ResMed directly
  • *ResMed AirMini – AirMini DC/DC Converter 38839 only available from ResMed directly
  • BMC M1 Mini – click here

*Please note that ResMed states that their cables are “not for aircraft use”. Please bear this in mind if planning to use your ResMed machine on a flight. We suspect that means not to use the cable directly into the aircraft power supply should there be a socket available at your seat. It is difficult to see why you would not be able to use it with an independent battery source such as this one. However, the wording on this note is unclear. We would strongly recommend seeking clarification from ResMed and your airline as to whether or not it will be suitable to use this cable on a flight with an independent battery pack rather than the aircraft’s power.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 16.5 × 6.5 cm



2 Years

CE Certified




Made in

United Kingdom



Battery Capacity

96,000mAh 346Wh. 32Ah @12V

Compatible with

Any CPAP machine with 12V cable option

Charge battery via

Mains, solar or via a 12-24V car adapter